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New Baby owner, I have questions.

Alright, so I am a newbie at fish. Earlier today, I bought a Baby Betta from PetsMart. I have it in a plastic cube thing, that is ment to be "showy". I don't own a heater, but our house is generally around 78-80 degrees, so would one be neccisary? The tank is half a gallon (I think). I would like to buy a 10 gallon or a 2.5. I have a filter, but it's ment for larger tanks so I do not think it would work with the 2.5. Should I get a heater? As of now, I'm feeding it "TetraBetta Floating Mini Pellets". I want to make sure the Betta likes a happy life, but I don't want to break the bank. If there is any referance threads anyone reccomends, please point me to them. Thank you!
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I would get a heater. The only way to know whether or not you really need one is if you get an aquarium thermometer and monitor the temperature. The temperature needs to be 80F I believe, and STAY there. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong about the temp)

Betta babies are more sensitive to temperature changes. Things can happen that cause a temperature to drop. I would be on the safe side and get a heater to make sure that temperature stay as stable as possible.

I would upgrade if you can. A bigger tank is generally more stable in water quality and temperature. Plus a half gallon is pretty small for a betta, even a baby betta.

Beware of filters. Filters are known to suck up an Adult's fins in the filter in take. Plus they are generally too strong and push the bettas around. I would imagine a filter would be too much for your little one. I do recommend a filter though to keep the water quality as best as possible. Sponge filters are awesome for baby bettas.

I hope this helps :)
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Baby bettas require a bit different temperatures, foods, and water changes than adults. Usually you want to feed grindal worms, Walter worms, banana worms, vinegar eels, microwoms, and mosquito larvae. With 85+ degree temperature, and daily or every other day large water changes
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As soon as you can, Upgrade your Tank. Get the Biggest Tank you can afford. If you want a Tank all to himself, start out Small. Maybe a 5 Gallon. After all, it's gonna grow. Get a Heater, like Tigress said. 80F-85F is Best. Don't use a Filter for Tanks below 5 Gallons. I use the Type of Pellets you have. You should get the Higher Protein Based ones. And sometimes, the Pellets are too big, so you might have to Crush them.
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