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I walk dogs :D
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Hmmmm I'm going to have to be super creative. I already do a lot of the chores haha

Maybe I'll cook dinner one night? Or take care of my baby brother for a day..?

thank you everyone for the help :)
I was afraid I ws going to get harassed for not having a heater. :<
Had a few terrible experiences of stuff like that,so I was hesitant.

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I agree with not changing his water with warmer water. The rapid changes will stress him out a lot.

What is the room temp where his tank is located? Now that it is summer my tanks will stay about 76F when not heated (I also have a non-heated tank in the same room as the bettas). His water might actually be in the okay range (70F - 75F) for bettas. Getting a thermometer would be great. You need one that will measure as low as 60F; you might even be able to find one like that at Walmart. Meat thermometers might work.

Lower temps aren't the end of the world for a betta, but they certainly aren't good .Fish body temps are dependent on water temp. His digestive system will be slower, so he should be fed less often. Everything in his body will "move" (for lack of better words) slower. I can bore you with the scientific reasoning, but you already know that heaters are important.

Maybe when you go off to college, you can get a friend to take you to a pet store. Or get a paypal account and order something online.
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My room is currently at 75, and at the worst of days, it goes up to 80, but it rarely goes that high.

And does a human/meat thermometer work the same? I;m not going to test the tank water, but rather water of equal temperature from the tap
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Wow. Your room is nice and cool. Mine stays around 78F and gets up to 82F on a bad day. Blegh. The south in summer. But the good news is that means your tank is probably around 72F which isn't terrible.

All thermometers work the same way. The only problem that I've encountered with some meat and human thermometers is that they will just say "too low" or "uncooked." But that is just with digital thermometers. Mercury thermometers are best.
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Twilight Storm
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Yeah, you can use a meat thermometer if it's digital and actually shows the temp.... BUT make sure you clean it WELL after you use it maybe with a bleach and water solution if that wont ruin it. (If you are allowed to stick a meat thermometer in "fish poop soup".... It works but bleh, and some digital meat thermometers can be around 100 bucks... expensive ones, I would not use in my fish tanks personally..... Just thought, some people/fever thermometers are digital, and they come with little plastic bag sleeves so you wouldn't contaminate the thermometer. That might work if you have one?? I think the old school mercury thermometers are hard to find these days.

Another option is to sweat lol. You COULD close the heat/cooler vents in your room and keep the door closed... Not saying this is a pleasant option but it would most likely keep your room warmer. (This may not be an option for your personal well being, just threw it out there. My computer room is where I keep the fish, and it's 82 in here with the air conditioning on. without, its around 90-100... fish stay a good temp but its a bit warm LOL.)

If you can get to a grocery store check out the gift card end caps too. Many stores carry ebay, and pet store gift cards, or the credit card type gift cards you can use anywhere. You can use these online to buy things over the internet often without entering a credit card. Some places require you to add a real credit card though before a purchase anyway, so check the sites you would be interested in purchasing from before you go and buy any cards.

BTW- If your room is 75 your fish water is probably still in the "safe zone" on most fish thermometers but it will be on the very low end. Make sure the tank is NOT by a vent though this will make the water cooler then ambient room temp would be.

I recommend you should probably get a heater of some kind at some point but it shouldn't mean imminent death for the betta. If it takes you a while to get one. (I don't recommend those zoo med round pads because I have one that wants to boil fish. Some users here love those things though.)

I will stress one more time to keep the temp when doing water changes as close as possible to the original tank water though. That is a lot more dangerous then living in cooler water. (If you can gauge the temp pretty close on your finger that will be ok. If you are unsure just acclimate him. OK done stressing my point again! LOL!!!

If you have a meijer by you they might have a cheap heater/thermometer. They often have a really nice selection of pet things. Or a walmart would have a thermometer at the least. They are around 1-4 dollars usually for a glass one that sits in the tank.

As for a good small heater, find out what is best within your price point. I like marina heaters but from the reviews they don't work for everyone. I have 7 of them and all mine work just fine for me. Others hate them because they don't work.

Best of luck to you and your fish. :) Again sorry for my novel long posts. I am the longest winded typer in the forum. :/
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Heheh "sorry your fish is uncooked."
Posted via Mobile Device
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To the OP, you mentioned getting another tank to take to college with you. Instead, grab a heater (25w) and keep the 2g.
And I second acclimating him to the same temp water, changing his water and surging warm water in there at a change is only going to put him into shock. Be careful! :)
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Old 06-16-2012, 10:54 AM   #19 
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I use the first thermometer (floating) that Twilight Storm posted and it works fine for me.
My tank is at a constant 78 - 80 degrees since I live in Texas and it's summer.
In winter, I just turn the tank light on and it stays 75 - 78 degrees.
I wonder why your mother will not let you get a heater? Though my mother isn't keen on me spoiling my fish, she's trying to learn all the basics and lets me buy stuff for them as long as I use my own money.
She won't feed them bloodworms, though. XD She freaks out at them.
Maybe explain to your mother that your fish is very important to you, and that you'll use your own money? <.<
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Old 06-16-2012, 09:05 PM   #20 
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Ill definitely reply to everyone here later because I'm on my phone.
But I used a meat thermometer to test the water, and it came out to range of 77 to 81. Some areas were warmed because of the sun but everything fall in that range :3
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