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Are they savable?

I did something that made my husband's head shake. I came home with 2 new bettas this evening. I couldn't leave them there. They had the worst cups I had ever seen. I wanted to talk to the manager, but I know they were avoiding me so now I will be writing a letter. Anyway, both cups water was yellow/green color and had green stuff growing all in them. They are super skinny and looked as though they could not close their gills. I checked the ammonia in their cup while the water temp was adjusting to put them in clean water (used Aqua Safe) and the reading was 6.0 in both. I put them in the new water and they seem to be moving a bit more now but still don't seem to be able to put their gills completely down. Maybe it's just where they are so skinny it makes them look like they are sticking out? Is there anything else I can do or is just keeping the water clean and warm enough for now? I have only ever nursed a sick betta once and the water wasn't this bad, so I'm in new territory. And if they do make it, could someone please recommend where I might find decent sized Kritter Keepers that are cheap? I didn't like the size of the ones at walmart. I have them in a one gallon for the male crowntail, and about 1/2 gallon for the baby female. I really want to put them in something bigger, but need it to be as inexpensive as possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really want them to make it.
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awh :/ poor fellas, and i think you could order stuff on Ebay for critter keepers, and if not, petco or petsmart , and check the nitrate.... mine had nitrate poisoning once, and died....his gills wouldn't close all the way either...
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6.0?? Good grief.

I wish these fish the very best of luck. They're fortunate to have you come along and help..

Clean water. Good food. A little AQ salt in the water, I've read, can help fish suffering from ammonia/nitrite poisoning as well as helping with any diseases they may be carrying.

Stress Coat might also help them avoid infections - no doubt their slime coat isn't in great shape, from living in those conditions..
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I agree with aus.

Keep the water extra clean, warm. AQ salt(1tsp per gallon) will help them breath abit, it will help with most minor infections they might have.. AQ salt makes them produce extra slime coat so other then a Prime water conditioner I don't think adding a stronger stress coat together with the AQ will help this case but it wont hurt :).

The poisoning might leave a permanent damage to their gills and shorten their life span, but I think they will recover(One of my boys was in the same condition with almost no tail left to add, he still breaths abit heavy but other then that he's happy and healthy )
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Thank you everyone. They are doing a little better. The male crowntail is so lively. Would have never guessed that from yesterday. He has been dubbed Dragon "Tails" by my 3 year old son. We've decided that his tank will be in his room, so he may end up with a cars or spongebob theme. The baby female has opened her fins finally and she is gorgeous! She is kind of a pearl color and when she opened her fins, they are purple at the tips. Her whole body shimmers purple in the light. My 5 year old daughter claimed her so she has a princess tank in her future. lol They are both responding well to feeding times and when we walk into the room, which is more than they were doing. I know their lives may be shorter because of what they have been through, but I'm just glad they are not in those horrible cups anymore.
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