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Betta Waste Remover or gravel cleaner?? Light bulb recommendation.

Hi everyone! I have a 2.5 Gallon Tank w/ really hot light, tetra whisper filter size s, a heater, 1decor and 1 small anubias.

just wondering if this would be enough to clean the button maybe at least once a week?

im planning to change the light bulb to a non-heating one as well. its the light that came from the Aqueon Mini Bow 2.5. they get really hot and surpasses my thermometer that could measure 68-82 farenheit.

any recommendations for a simple but best way to clean the buttom of the tank/water changer? and light bulb? is white bettar than yellow light too? thanks everyone!
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It seems what that product is, is basically just a turkey baster! Which is what I use to clean my small tanks and would probably work better for you than a siphon for a 2.5g. You can buy a turkey baster at nearly any grocery store for less than that, and it's exactly the same thing. It actually amuses me that they're selling that one as a betta-specific product. :p
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If you're planning on adding any plants, you'll want to get a CFL (compact florescent) with a color temperature of around 6500K (Kelvins) to mimic sunlight. They run cooler, too. If you're not adding plants, get it anyway. It's like watching your fish on a sunny day.

As for cleaning the tank, you might try this:

The keepers around here recommend two water changes per week for a 2.5g: one 50% and one 100%.

I, personally, don't like removing my fish, so I do two 50% with vacuuming, plus daily (or so) spot-cleaning with a turkey baster.

Also, none of my business and I know you didn't ask, but many of us feel that white gravel is glaring and stressful for fish. I know it looks good, but....

Welcome to the forum.

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