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Old 12-31-2007, 01:02 PM   #1 
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Change in my fish's behavior

I bought my Betta fish, Jitsu, about a couple of months ago, and he was very bright colored, swam around a lot, eager to eat food, and his fins were expanded and flowed in the water as he swam.

Now.. He hasn't eaten in 3 days... He wont swim to the top to eat anymore, in fact he doesnt swim anywhere at all, he just sits at the bottom of the tank in one place and doesnt move unless I bug him and make him move. His colors are dull and faded now, and his eyes have turned reddish and his face has yellowish spots on them. His fins are very compressed now and they dont flow at all as he swims. I'm scared he might die, I dont want him to, I really like him.

Anyone know what could be wrong with him??
I've heard something called ammonia poisoning.. what is that?
And his temperature of the water is 72... how can i get it up??

Thankyou a lot for reading,

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hi Meera, welcome to fishforum.

do a 50% water change...

how big is your tank... does the tank have a filter?

when the leftover food and waste decompose, they turn into ammonia which is bad for the fish... but, if you have proper filter and when the tank is cycled, you wont have a problem with ammonia or nitrite...
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You might want to invest in a water testing kit (get the master liquid kit, not the strips) to monitor his water conditions.

Definitely change out 50% of his water today.

Do tell us about your tank and how often you change the water (and how much) so we can help more.

Keep us posted!
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amonia is produced from fish poop. It is poisonoius to fish so make sure that there is not a lot of poop gathering and rotting. :)
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