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Small White Dot


My sister was prepping to do a water change, and when we looked at the fish, we noticed a little white dot on him. We weren't sure if it was just the end of his fin and we didn't notice it before, or if it was on the side of his body.

We are going to investigate it more later. We weren't sure if this was ich or something else. We are hoping its just a piece of dirt stuck on him.

Its just one single white dot. The more I look, the more I think its just his fin that's under his chin (Not sure the correct term) because he was damaged when we got him (didnt know at the time) but he is still healthy and normal.

Just wondering in case it is the start of something that we should be treating now.
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if it is like this picture then it is an eggspot, which sometimes show in juvinile males.
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Kenny G
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If it is just one dot I would not worry. Watch him carefully to see if more develop and continue to monitor his behavior . My betta Junior has a lighter color white color underneath is chin. I didn't notice it at first but after a few days I started wondering if it was ich but its not. Now I am not sure if this is your first betta or not but its always good to be prepared with an emergency kit with meds (Nutrafin betta plus (protects scales an fins/water treatment), ick cure, some say aquarium salt (do some research online (I don’t personally use it) but some others says is useful.) Always better to be prepared then wait for something to happen and then have to run and buy stuff at the last moment. This was cause less stress on your betta and you. I do have a question is your tank heated?
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When we did the water change, we noticed it was just the color at the end of the fin. It must have just been the way he was swimming in the tank.

Big sigh of relief!

We have 2 bettas, soon to be 3. All are kept in bowls because of space. (Don't worry, no tiny ones. Make sure they are big enough for them to swim and get lots of exercise) 50% water changes every couple of days, with 1 100% change every week. We take care of them!

The house is extremely hot and we have the bettas in the hottest rooms, with thermometers so that we know what the temperatures are at. All are at proper betta level! We will be having them all in tanks though with heaters before the winter as we are moving and will be upgrading for them:)
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