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Old 06-17-2012, 01:46 PM   #1 
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How to use a gravel vac?

I bought a gravel vac from Walmart for my 15 gallon, filtered tank It shows me how to use it on the package, but doesn't say weather or not I should removed the fish and decor before using it.

So, do I remove everything before using it?
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Kenny G
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Its great that you will be vacuuming your aquarium. This will help decrease the levels of nitrates and ammonia in the water. It isn't necessary to remove your aquarium decorations every time you vacumm the gravel, but you should do a thorough cleaning, without any decorations at least every 1 or 2 months depending on the number of fish. Regarding the removal of fish yes remove them. They can get scared and stressed out easy.

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i disagree on removing the fish aspect of it. the fish will be fine, they will simply avoid the gravel vac. removing fish can be even more stressful you know. when i had my bigger tank, it took me at least half an hour to net 1 ram, he Really didn't wanna leave the area he was used to - decorations or not. and can you imagine removing delicate fish like discus every time u need to vac? that would be a disaster :/

also, on the package it says to jam it up and down to get the water going, but i find it easier to just suck the other end of the tube one time. you can youtube it, a lot of ppl use different methods, but i think the directions use the hardest one lol

if you have a lot of decorations i would suggest removing one week a few, removing another week another few and etc. basically rotate removing decs. debris gets under and in them

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I've never removed my fish when vacuuming the gravel and they've never been stressed afterward. I agree, too, with lyolya about vacuuming under decor. In fact, I don't even actually remove mine, I just lift up the piece and vacuum under it and place it back.
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