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Size is still too small for Africans Cichlids as they are aggressive compared to other fish.

They are not difficult to keep but as mentioned it is essential to know your water hardness before we offer suggestions. If you have hard water from the well which you can get by bypassing the softner then great.

MAJOR ALARM BELLS going off to any company offering a fee to supply water data! By law it has to be provided at the customer request for FREE from the supply company.
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Ugh. Forgot to bring a water sample with me to petsmart... I'll have to get it tested another time. I work right next to a pool store... I know most pool stores do water tests, but I don't know if they test pH and hardness.

I did look over at the chichild tanks in the pet store and I was reminded why it's silly to even consider asking most employees. The guy told me I should just put a handful of the little African chichlids in. I really, really wanted to point out that the small ones were going to grow to be the same size as the big ones, but I bit my tongue and walked away.

Anyway, I'll post after I get my water hardness and pH tested.
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Originally Posted by AngesRadieux View Post
I can't find a website... The only one I found wanted almost $200 for a water test, so I'm pretty sure they're a scam. But I do have to go to the pet store today, anyway, so I'll bring a water sample with me and see if they can test it. I do know that our water should be soft unless our water softener is malfunctioning. My family's on well water and without the softener the water can get pretty hard...
The water softener could be a problem. It creates concentrations of ions which aren't fish don't normally come into contact with. The ideal situation would be to draw water before it goes through the softener.

You should get a water quality report from whoever takes care of your well. That might have the hardness in it.
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