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HELP! Fin Rot Keeps Coming Back!

I have had my betta for about 2 months and I noticed the first signs of fin rot about 2 weeks after I got him. I treated his water with bettafix (which I have heard different opinions about using it) for a week and was careful not to over medicate.After I finished his treatment, it seemed that the fin rot was not progressing any further. I saw the ends of his tail were clear, assuming that was new tissue growth.

It has now been 3 weeks since I treated him and it looks like the fin rot is back. His tail has a shredded appearence and some of ends look like they may be curling. ( Is the curling from the water being to cold? Water temp is around 70)

He is in a 5 gallon tank with a filter, (no heater) do I need to get one? I do a 20-25% water change with pre-treated water once a week and siphon out debris. He is very active and eats very well. I test his water and all the conditions come out perfect.

How do I get rid of his fin rot? Do I need to do a 100% water change? How many times a week do I need to a water change? Use a different medication? I have read so many different solutions, I just don't know which one to use.
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If you could answer the question sticky that would help us even more.

This what I did when my fish had fin rot. Do a 100% water change daily. Add 1tsp/every gallon (so you would add 5 tsp.) The aquarium salt will work for 10 days.

You definetly need a heater, though I'm not sure where you live, try getting the temperature around 75.

Good luck, hopefully this works.
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