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Old 06-18-2012, 01:20 PM   #1 
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Unhappy Please don't let me kill my fishies!


So today I impulsively let my boyfriend buy me some fish. As wonderful as this was intended as it turns out, after lots of reading. I did some things very wrong. Please help me fix this!

All on the advice of a Pet store assistant we bought a 3L bowl (0.7 gallons). A beautiful red male Betta, and 2 guppies (male and female) , some oxygenating tablets, goldfish food , a small net, some small yellow pebbles and Anti-chlorine drops for the water.

I got home and followed pet store instructions to the letter. Rinsed bowl and pebbles with water (no soap), filled (also cleaned) bucket with water and added appropriate drops and tablets, mixed it all up, filled tank. Poured half a cup of water into each fish bag and let the bags float in fish bowl for 10min. Collected fish from bags using net, placed in my bowl. First feed will be tomorrow.

After reading and reading... I need a tank (possibly 2), a pump, a heater, some 'hiding spots', a thermometer, some food, and I'm sure I'm missing something.

But I'm worried that moving my beautiful fish again, will stress them out.... MORE... Am I being paranoid? Do I wait a while or do I do it straight away?
How do I properly prepare my tank? Can guppies and Betta really not go together?

And one more worrying thing, but possibly I'm an idiot. There are 3 thin short strands of something red on my yellow pebbles. Is my Betta 'loosing its tail'...

ooh yes, and I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. It's winter. Its cold.
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You should be fine for a few days until you get the opportunity to go out and buy things. A heater and all that stuff is not required but is highly recommended. And the red string is nothing to worry about.
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Old 06-18-2012, 02:07 PM   #3 
Kenny G
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First things first take a deep breath and relax.

Yes you will need a pump(filter), a heater, some 'hiding spots' (plants or decorations) a thermometer, and some food. The rule of thumb is for every inch of the fish you should add 1 gallon of space. This will help you figure out the proper tank size. Betta's like warmer temps. The water should be between 78 - 82 degree water. Keep him in a warm place (avoid direct sunlight) until you get the heater. I would get this soon but its not urgent to run out and get it now.

Regarding Guppies I would not recommend it because guppies tend to be bright and colourful, and since they are smaller than a betta more than likely they will constantly be attacked.

Now regarding the short strands of red you can relax. My betta Junior is bright red with 3 fantastic strands of blue that make him every more beautiful.

Regarding the tank set it up with decorations/plants/filter, heater and add the water conditioner. Let it run for 24 hours before adding the fish. After this is done prep the fish for the new tank like you did before.

Enjoy your new fishies
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YES, a heater IS required, if the OP is not living in Thailand, or somewhere with a steady 78F water temp.... and she has said it is cold where she lives.

For goodness' sake.

Anyway, meggs, good on you for researching! Pet store staff are not required to know anything about the animals they are selling. In fact, I am pretty sure absolute ignorance is a base requirement for some places...

Guppies and bettas.. not a good mix. They like different water temps, and can be aggressive toward each other. The red stuff MIGHT be bits of fin the gups have nipped off...

Don't worry about stress & moving - cold water and nippy guppies will be more stressful to the betta than another move.. just acclimate the fish properly to the new water and he'll be fine, be slow about the temp change too.. so float him in the new tank in a container, add a little new water from the heated tank to his cup/container full of old water every 5 mins for 15 - 20 mins.

I hope your fishies stay well and happy. Seems like they have come to a caring home.
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Old 06-18-2012, 02:25 PM   #5 
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Betta fish are tropical, and really a heater is a necessity..(from all that I have read) in any case, you can house a betta for a couple weeks, without, as long as it's temporary, but as soon as you can, then move him into a 2 gal, or higher a 1 gallon is ok, providing you do lots of water changes, 3-4x a week, and with a 3-5 gallon you do not need a filter, altho, if you prefer to have one, be very careful, as they catch the delicate fins.

And you should have some plants, Silk, or real, if you choose plastic, check to see if they are sharp, they will also catch the delicate fins, and rip them. also a hiding spot is beneficial, for rest and sleep, and if you go with a 2 gal you can fit most, a 1 gal you could find something small, but not too small, you don't want your fishy to get stuck inside.

It does happen..other than that, yes, a themometer is also crucial to watch for temp flucuations, if you don't have a heater, also a heater is not recommended in anything under 2 gal..even in 1 gal, can become to hot..and some gravel, for comfort, also a water conditioner, such as Tetra Aqua safe, to mix in with the water before adding the fish..

And there is a sticky here on the forum, that will tell you which fish to house with a betta safely, also to add, do not put more than one betta in the same tank, if they are MALE..they will fight, females is ok:)

Hope that helps you, and sorry there is so mcuh info, but it will all help you to know exactly what to do, to help your fishy;s:), Good luck, and Welcome to our Forum:)
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Don't put guppies and bettas together they might get aggressive to each other right away. If you can find clean container so you can keep them separate until you can buy another tank.
0.7 gall really enough only for a betta though.

But how long fish can stay in those bags though?
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Old 06-18-2012, 02:46 PM   #7 
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Next option..get a med size kritter keeper..they are great for temp to perm homes..and can withstand a heater..
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76-80* is ok for bettas really. Not sure what state do you live but it probably worm enough for you betta right now ...My bettas fine in even lower temperature, so you have time to buy a heater.
I think more important now to find a bowl so you don't have to put them together.
I am curious what water conditioner they told you to use? And like Aus acclimate them properly.

And what is oxygenation tablets does she really need them???
All you need just water conditioner and acclimation...

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I would separate the fish immediately, short term moving stress is better than stress from being near a predator fish (betta is to guppies). I'd put the guppies in the bigger of the two containers you find.
Other than that, you've gotten some solid advice. I can't believe even a pet shop would say that's okay even, usually they say betta will kill other fish. o-o
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If you really love fish you might try getting a 10 gallon tank. You could put in a divider and house the guppies one one side and the betta on the other (giving the guppies 6gallins and thee betta four will make for some very happy fish).

Someone showed a picture of a divided tank with three sections, the middle of which was planted, so the fish on either sides could not see each other. That setup was amazing. Plus, if you get 10 gallons you can get a few more guppies or maybe some corries to help keep the tank clean, or maybe some tetras.

For ornaments, just make sure they can't rip pantyhose and all openings are the size of your eye. A heater is crucial and heating anything below 2 gallons gets tricky, so I'd seriously for the 10 gallon if you can, so you only need to buy one filter and one heater- trust me... it's a bit cheaper than 2 tanks and it means you only need to change filters and water for one tank instead of two (50% water changes once weekly for a 10 gallon). This will keep the stress down for your fish.

The red on the rocks could be a fin piece, but it sounds like your fish has been getting improper care at the store and he might be stressed out. Just keep the lights low and make sure the water is clean. I'd put the fish in temporary containers and take everything else you bought back. Goldfish food isn't great for bettas. The store should have betta pellets if they are selling bettas. And the guppies need tropical fish flakes.

If they have Prime water conditioner, I recommend that. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you have available nearby. You're going to have a lot of fun with your new pets though. It'll be a bit pricey, but worth it in the end. Please take a look at the sticky in the Betta Supplies Accessories (or something like that) category that is titled Filter Baffles.

Aside from a 10gal, you might be able to make one divided 5 gallon work, but you'll need to clean it more.

1. What do I need? Here is an ideal list:
1 10gal tank. I'll recommend this again because if you have male and female guppies you are probably a few weeks away from having a LOT of baby guppies, and I do mean a lot.
3 tank dividers that allow water through, but not fish.
Silk plants.
Prime water conditioner if you can get it.
The substrate you have sounds fine if it's smooth, though I wouldn't trust it with live plants so try for some silk ones.
Tropical fish food and betta pellets.
Pre-Filter sponge
Filter baffle (plastic bottle of sponge. Put the filter on the side with the guppies).
For baby guppies... yikes, according to the book I have, baby guppies need to be separated from adult fish not only to keep them from being eaten, but because being around adults can keep them from developing properly. Might think about taking the male back and getting a few females. I know the pet stores always try to sell off males and females, but that can quickly fill your tank and it's a lot of effort. You'd need a long, thin tank, to powder the flakes so the babies can eat them, the breeding net, plants, a sponge filter, and another heater. Or just keep them in the same tank as the two adults and hope for the best.
2. Moving the fish? Should I?
Well, you probably have to. Just take it slow and they'll be fine. With that .7gal tank you'd be doing water changed 3-4 times a week anyway and that would stress them a whole lot more than moving to a large divided tank as in the divided tank you would not need to move them to do water changes.
3. Can guppies and bettas really not get along. It really depends on the fish. If you have a large tank, lots of hiding places, and a friendly betta then it's possible since the guppies will have places to hide and the betta will have enough room that he would not have to feel threatened. That being said, the betta will eat the baby guppies. They will look like food.

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