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How is Eos doing? Poor dog.. pneumonia is no fun at all.

GS's are one of those breeds I just love to look at and admire, but would find too challenging to keep. Nothing nicer, though, than a good looking GS, such handsome dogs.

Your tanks are looking great! I love the hairgrass-looking stuff in the gertrudae tank, with the little bobble on top of the stems.
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Eos is doing much better. Neurotic because she is missing her daily walks but she no longer looks like she is going to die. Her breathing is still a bit laboured but the vet said it could be from 4-6 weeks before she completely recovers.

She's going to Canberra probably for a show and my mum wants to take her down to Tasmania to try for an Excellent Merit? which is supposedly the only show that does them now. Dog has been more places than I have!

We've always had shepherds though with three now and mum planning on breeding Eos maybe next year I think I might go insane. Our male is smart but he chooses to use his powers for evil rather than good.

The hairgrassy plant is Coomalie Creek hairgrass from Dave. I have noticed one tiny new bit of growth on one so I'm hoping they spread a bit once their roots hit the ADA Malaya I have in there. Not sure how fast they grow in a medium-light, no CO2 tank.
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Took these shots of some of my killifish. They are currently all sharing a tank with some sparkling gourami because I lost quite a few of my partners to jumping and disease. They don't seem to mind and the clown killies and australe gold have been spawning like mad in the moss and riccia.

I totally re-did my sorority tank a couple of days ago and also took down three tanks as I need the room for my wilds and also need some money to buy them haha. Got 3-5 pairs coming this week/weekend so my fish room will be full up!

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