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Lightbulb Help with Tank Cycling Info

Hi Everyone,

I realise it is highly likely that someone has already asked this question but I can't seem to find the thread, so thought I best ask again.

I recently had a lot of trouble with my new tank and lost a couple of Betta's and 7 Tetras due to not doing things right!

I am new to the whole fish keeping world so a bit of a novice when it comes to the technical things. I, like most new fish keepers who don't do their research didn't cycle my tank. Fatal error on my part I realise.

After my last batch of fish didn't survive more than 3 days I started to do my research but the Cycling of the tank seems to be a topic which has a lot of conflicting answers.

I currently have a 28L tank with an internal filter, 2 live plants, 2 otoclincus bottom feeders and a golden apple snail (these are the only fish to survive my tank issues) I did a complete water change and started again. My tank has now been cycling for 3 days. I realise this is still not long enough to add another Betta, but how long would people reccomend me to wait before going and getting one?

I have a test strip kit which I realise now does not test for amonia which is probably the cause of my fishes deaths, so I am waiting on my test kit to arrive. What am I looking for when testing the water to tell me it is safe to add another fish?

Sorry again for asking a question other people have asked. Any advice is appreciated. I don't want to get it wrong again.

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From what I have read, and I have been reading a LOT, it can take up to 6 weeks to fully cycle a tank if you do not seed it from an existing cycled tank. From what I understand, it goes very slowly until the end and then picks up lots of speed.

I would wait until your ammonia and nitrite both start reading 0 consistently before doing a large water change and then add the new fish slowly. You have fish in there right now, so you don't need to add ammonia, but if those fish/snail, etc die, then you'll have to add ammonia or an ammonia source or the cycle will stall again.
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