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3D Backgrounds

After losing Echo I feel the need to give Kaze more space (he's currently in a 5 gal) so I have decided to give him the 54 litre (14 gallon) aquarium I have all to himself. I want to make it something really special (like I tried with Echo's tank) and eliminate as much potential stress as possible. Kaze is by no means a decliate or easily stressed fish but he is a tail biter, I believe this to be courtesy of his long tail but as I'm not entirely certain I want to do what I can to reduce the amount of triggers for him.

His filter is taken care of, I'll be building it into the aquarium (journal to come once the project is started) so my next task is to consider the background. Like many bettas I've read of, Kaze flares at backgrounds that are particularly light or dark and I am not a fan of printed backgrounds. I prefer black as I use plants and the black makes them stand out, but as this will cause stress I can't use that and have come up with something different.

I've read of a few people who use 3D backgrounds inside their aquariums. I've done a search on the forums and found two topics to that effect but they didn't answer my questions. I'm mostly wondering what you all think of 3D backgrounds, are they safe to use long-term? What should I look for (construction or material wise) when purchasing one? Does anyone know of any places in the UK that stock them?

I'm aware that 3D backgrounds (depending on thickness) will take away an amount of swimming space but as the tank will only house Kaze (and his multitude of Malaysian trumpet snails) I don't think this will be a problem. I have aquarium safe silicone I can use to affix it to the back of the tank to stop Kaze from getting behind it and am also thinking of ways I can modify it so I can root some anubias to it (very excited).

Thanks for your time
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