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My betta Seb has a very unique personality. For example, today was tank cleaning day and for the rest of the afternoon, he was giving me stinkeye. Literally, if I walked by, he would flare and act all angry. by tomorrow, he will be fine.
What about your bettas? what personality do they have? what quirks do they do?
I figured it's typical that mines a drama king. all of my pets are.
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Les Mis, my pink and white female betta, is very, very curious and playful and just over all very hyper. She's always dashing around and if I come up to the tank she starts to show off for me. At first I thought she was "begging" for food but I know realize it's just her personality, she's a maniac but I love her.
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Zippo is so gentle. He flares when he sees his reflection, but only after a while. Even then, he just flares, and stares at his reflection. Once it goes away, he immediately returns to normal. He's very curious and playful. He loves playing by his filter and exploring his tank.

Dante is... Dante. When he sees a hint of reflection, he flares, darts around, etc. Even when the reflection goes away, he continues like this for at least five minutes. When I walk in the room, he flares at me. He's such a showoff... he struts his stuff a lot! And I swear he gives me the stinkeye. He looks at me with the look. He's constantly swimming in and out of his little decoration, which he loves! It's so hard to take pictures because he's always moving!

They are so different!
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Old 06-22-2012, 10:43 PM   #4 
Blue Fish
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Buckley is huge, and he knows it. ;) He flares at his filter whenever I don't have it covered in white paper. I'm assuming he can see his reflection in the black plastic through the aquarium glass? I always think it's funny watching him flare up and "argue" with the big blue and white betta who lives in his filter... ;) He's also brave and a giant pig. ;) He's always ready for food, and he gets quite excited about blood worms. :P I still hate feeding those, but he loves them. He swims quite a bit, and anytime he has to go into the 1 gallon bowl during water changes and then wait for several hours while his 10 gallon tank sets up, he swims over to the side and refuses to move from watching his big tank. He is very ready to go back to his big house! I've never seen a fish who was so determined to NOT live in the small tank... ;)
He got out of there, and he's NOT going back!

Somerset, he's small and new, only had him about a week, so he's still a little shy, but getting there. He's a cute little guy, creamy pink/purple body with beautiful crimson, white, and light blue crowntail fins, I can't wait until he grows up a bit. So far he doesn't have much personality, just a lot of swimming around and exploring his 10 gallon tank. Thus far he's had zero interest in his castle, or betta log, but he loves to sleep in his floating plants in the corner. He's so small I have to search for him, but he's beginning to realize that I equal food. :)
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Cleo is greedy and ruthless. If she could make the humans of the house very tiny and then eat us all, she would. But we forgive her, because .. she can't eat us. :) And she's beautiful, and hilarious to watch as she stalks around her tank like a teeny red shark. Now and then she stops to pose demurely in the weeds and looks very feminine indeed.

Demyx is gentle and sweet. He doesn't flare, he runs away. He always seems happy and loves attention.

Cole is a big, cranky fish, who wants to get out of his tank and run an organised crime syndicate or something.
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Ugh. Too many :P
My males

Taz-Flares at everything including the mystery snail
Balthazar-Cocky little bastard who flares for a few seconds and retreats to his cave
TDP-He thinks he is a stud and shows off for the ladies
Romeo-Too friendly to flare

Females not sure yet
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