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My Betta won't eat bloodworms?

I've had Mr. Limpet for 4 days. I bought frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp and pellets for him. He of course loves the brine shrimp, but barely picks at the pellets and as for the bloodworms, he won' touch them. What am I doing wrong?

First thing I tried to feed him was the pellets.. dropped a few in the tank. I think he was so hungry when I fed him that he actually went for a few. Next time I fed him, I tried a few bloodworms.. He didn't go for it, so I scooped them out and tried some brine shrimp.

(Note: I am feeding him very small amounts twice a day because he appears to be an adult. )

Now, he only eats the brine shrimp, will barely peck at pellets and turns his nose up at bloodworms.

I'm breaking off small pieces from the packets and thawing them out till they are almost soupy and them scooping it out into the tank. The brine shrimp he goes for, but the bloodworms he won't. Should I be putting the food in some warm water and then putting it in the tank to feed or what?

I've read that a pure brine shrimp diet is not good and balanced for my little guy. Please help :(
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Don't worry too much about the bloodworms -- they're a treat and should only be fed in moderation. The brine shrimp, too -- you're right in your impression that they're not a balanced diet. Brine shrimp should also be used as a treat. His normal staple diet should be a good-quality pellet with a high protein content and some sort of fish product as the first ingredient, not flour or any filler like that.

Male bettas are notoriously picky eaters, and it's fairly natural for them to turn up their noses at new food, especially after very recently moving into a new home. The best thing to do is just give him the pellets and wait. Remove them after a while if they get soggy, and put in a new pellet. He'll realise after a while that that's what there is to eat around here, and he'll give in and start eating it. Don't be too worried if he's stubborn about it for a few days. =]

This can really be helped along by making sure the pellets you have are of a good quality, as mentioned above, and high in protein. Fish in general will be more likely to go for those, and it will be healthier for them.

Best of luck!
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Thanks, jaela!

I dropped a few pellets in last night after not feeding him since the morning and he wasn't too crazy about them. Took them out after half hour or so when they were soggy.

Tried again this morning and he gobbled 2 down and wouldn't touch the other 3 in there, lol.. I'm sure you are right that he will come around eventually.
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