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Originally Posted by rckstr1253 View Post
Thanks for the reply back. I do like them a lot so I am sad to see them go if I have to let them go. My original idea was to put them in a 5 gallon paint bucket with water from their tank and as soon as I get to kentucky, set the tank up but a few pet store owners here said most won't make the trip as its a long drive in the summer and even if I have the ac on in the car to keep the car from getting hot, it could make their water too cold and kill them/stress them. I wouldn't mind making some of my money back as the fish I have are kind of expensive. I have mostly glo dannio's and glo tetra's. The tetra's were $9 a piece and the glo danio's were $6 a piece.
I move my fish to/from my dorm room throughout the year for breaks and stuff. They're just bettas though and have a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon, so it's not too difficult for me to move the whole setup.

I think that the bucket method could work though..
Walmart sells adapters to plug regular outlets into a car outlet. You could plug a heater in while you have the AC on to keep a stable temperature

Here's a link to show you what I'm talking about:
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don't know if it will help but there is another post about moving fish
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Yay! Fellow Kentuckians :)
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You could sedate them, it's cheap from your vet plus you can get good advice on it. It makes the stress so much lesser. Put them in a cooler lined with a trash bag, then put 3-4 fish each in those bags when you get fish from petsmart. Open the bags whenever you can. Also, you should keep your bacteria alive so you fish don't get new tank syndrome. Put your gravel, filter media and your decorations in a 5 gallon sealed bucket with tankwater. And your plants (if any) in a five gallon sealed bucket also. You should drain your tank ALL the way, get all the water you can out. If you don't, there be cracks. Also when your setting up your tank, it's best to give your heater and filter a headstart before adding your fish

This is how my aunt transported her oscars and all over her overly aggressive fish
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