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Sick Betta? =(

Our betta, Buster, is not looking to well. He is hanging out near the surface on top of plants, looks bloated, and has been acting out of character recently. We did a 30% water change, and added Prime in case ammonia levels were high (we were both up at extremely early hours this morning for work and weren't thinking straight, so we didn't test the water before adding Prime). We are thinking that we should fast him and continue water changes for the next few days. Does anyone know what could be wrong and what we should do? Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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I'd say that your own prescription of fasting and water changes would probably be your best start, unless he starts to have further symptoms.
I hope he is feeling better soon!
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to me it sounds like he is just over fed.had the same problem here recently..after doing some research online.what i did was stop feeding my betta for 1 day.i got a cooked pea and took the shell off and fed it to her.after that i gave her just a small pinch of food.i feed mine dried blood worms..i gave her about 3 pieces that werent large but werent small..

is Buster floating on his side and or having problems going down to lower levels of the water?i could be wrong about the over feeding.but this is a start.also have a quarantine tank ready.or bowl like a gallon if you have a bigger tank.. just incase he is sick with something else..

if you can post pictures of what he looks like and around where he might help in diagnosing..

but what u said to do sounds good.i would stick with it.i learned its best to take a day off feeding the bettas to let their digestive system relax and digest the food thats in their system.1 betta i have now,shes fairly big for a betta.hope this helps :)
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