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Ha yeah I guess o-0
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Re: I want baby guppies

Originally Posted by fishlover99
I dont know, and cant tell if my fish is gonna do well with another betta with it cause i hear alot about how u should never ever put two bettas in the same tank!!!!! but lots of people everywhere say that they mix bettas togather for a short time SO I WANNA KNOW HOW TO TELL WAT MY BETTA GENDER IS and how can i add two togather!
Females should have white egg spot near their pectoral fins. Besides, you are only talking about Betta splendens. Males, of course, do not mix unless you are going to do this in a large heavily-planted tanks. We are forgetting there are wild Betta species that exist such as Betta coccina, Betta albimarginata and many more which actually can coexist well along with dwarf species of gouramis such as chocolate, licorice and samurai.

As far as guppies are concerned, they do not mix well with several gouramis and bettas as their flashy fins make them worthy rivals and these are undoubtedly helpless and do not know how to defend themselves.
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