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Faramir and Baby Betta have Ick

I have such a problem with ick. When my fish get it, its extremely hard for me to get rid of it. Faramir, my black/white dragonscale Plakat decided to jump out of his cup I was temporarily floating him in and into my 20 gal with my lone female betta. Luckily, when I woke up in the morning, no one was shredded, but Faramir was really stressed and laying at the bottom where he is now covered in ick. Its literally all over him. I took him out immediately and put him in a quarantine 1 gallon tank that's at 85 degrees. It's been about 3 days and nothing has changed, except now when its food time, he spits out his pellets.

I also have a baby betta, Artemis, who is also active, who also got into the 20 gallon for about 5 minutes and the ick appeared on him in a matter of seconds D:!! Salt treatment seems to not working for him either.

I have tried the AQSalt treatment, but it has done nothing yet. And my API Super Ick Cure seems to also have no effect.

Is ick caused by stress? Because I notice it appears when they get stressed out ._.

Also is there something else you guys recommend? Should I continue salt treatment, go with just using the Super Ick Cure, or something else? I go on vacation in 4 days and need to get them better before I leave for 10 days Or at least get on to recovering where my friend can take over~
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Hey, sorry your fish aren't doing well.

I've been reading about a new strain of ich that's resistant to both heat and salt and some medications because the fish have treated with half-doses or incomplete courses of cures and the ich has become very tolerant of all these things.

Hopefully you don't have that in your tank. Try upping the heat to 86, and don't cut the treatment short, keep at it for four days past ALL of the cysts falling off, to be sure.

Have you small treatment tanks? Use those, if you can. Lot easier than 20gallons and the ich will die in the bigger tank without a host after two weeks (to be sure..)

100% daily water changes will help cut the swimming-stage boogers down. Easy in a small tank.

If not, 50% wc and gravel vac every day.

If that doesn't work and Super Ick isn't working.. there's other meds that will. But I hope we don't have to go there.

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