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A question about dropsy treatment

Tank size: 2.5 gal, filtered, cycled.
Amm: 0, Nitrite, 0, Nitrate was above 20 on Thursday. See below.
Temp is always between 72 and 78 - sadly it varies due to the evil that is this house.
Food: Hikari bio betta gold, 2 pellets, twice daily. Occasional brine shrimp, typically once a week, but I missed a few times. Pea bits as necessary.

I know what my fish has, so I'll put off the form. It's dropsy, either from organ failure and/or bacterial infection from stress (the weather got really hot here). My betta has pineconed scales, and kind of looks shaggy and is pale except his head. He either floats around or lays around, with small spurts of his old self. He does still eat a little. He's not horribly bloated looking, only a tiny bit. But he is constipated.

Since it's dropsy without a doubt, I've decided to try treating. He'll either die or not, and treating also may or may not increase his odds. I understand this.

I'm trying a round of Maracyn Plus. Dose 2 is later today.
The bottle isn't very specific, and makes itself sound like it's some miracle. I'd rather just have all the information I can get. So--- how important is it to do a water change as I use this product?

I did a 45% water change on Thursday, when I first found my fish was a little piney. Friday, without a clear plan of action, I scooped him out and put him in a bath of betta revive (yeah i know most of you hate the stuff, but neomycin is better than nothing) while I thoroughly cleaned his tank (found some slimy poo, a digested poo brine shrimp from two nights before, and an uneaten lost bit of food. somehow despite religious observance of food removal, i missed it. but that's water under the bridge.). This cleaning I did a 42% water change.
After about 7 hrs in the betta revive, I put him back in his tank and added the first dose of Maracyn Plus.

I've also been feeding him once a day. I've spent hours reading, but no one really has much to say about feeding during this condition - except feeding medicated foods. I don't have the confidence to dose and medicate foods. Besides, he won't eat softened pellets.
He'll eat one bit of pea, but sometimes spit it out and be offended I tried. He'd really like to eat a pellet, and he likes them fresh from the thing all hard and crunchy (i read softening the food is better for constipation. i tried. no luck.) I've given him a pellet, and he's eaten it. I know he ate at least one on Thursday, and Friday. Saturday, I really just tried for peas.

I'm also wondering about epsom salt. I've read it "draws out the edema". Is this true? Is this effective? What are the risks/benefits?
I've not committed to trying yet since epsom salt would mean scooping him out again, and then netting him back in - too stressful, yes?

Anyway. If you have any advice on the use of Maracyn Plus for dropsy, epsom salt, feeding, or even how to properly medicate food (and with what/where i can purchase this) I'd be truly grateful!

Thanks! (wow sorry that was a lot)
Oh, if you want a picture, I can put one up. Not really sure if it makes a difference.
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A lot of people on here use the Epsom salt to help relieve the bloating but the unfortunate thing about dropsy is most likely you will lose the fish. Once they start pineconing that is pretty much it. You could try to use the Epsom salts and relieve the pressure though. Run a search on this site on Dropsy and you should find some threads that talk about it. There is a disease thread on here too that explains the disease and treatment. Those are stickied.

Also on the whole netting thing. I don't use a net because they can damage fins. I use the cups mine came in to scoop them out which I think is less stressful. I even have a couple of fish that swim in to the cups willingly because they are used to it. They are a couple of my oldest fish.

The risk with salt treatments is damage to the swim bladder. That damage is most common though if you use the salt for more than 10 days. I am not sure if this is true about Epsom salts though. I have never used Epsom salts. I would run a search or look for that stickied disease thread in the diseases section.
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