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Unhappy Is my female betta depressed or sick?

Hi all! New to the forum. I have a betta named Lulu who just doesn't seem right. She's actually my daughter's fish, but she was brought home to me during the summer while my daughter is out of college. At first she seemed fine, happy, energetic. If you would go up to the tank she would swim up to look at you and seem very interested in anyone who gave her attention. When I would go to feed her she seemed to almost wag her tail she got so excited. Now, she is lethargic, she stays on the rocks near the bottom of the tank and doesn't swim much. She's also lost interest in any of us at home. My daughter and her boyfriend went to a local pet store that specializes in fish, and they told us not to feed her so much (we were feeding her six pellets of Tetra Betta twice a day), and to just give her two pellets a day. They also told us not to clean out the whole tank, just about a third of it and replace it with the PH balanced water they sell, because the bacteria that puts oxygen in the water was removed when we totally cleaned out the tank. She seems somewhat better, but she's still so lethargic and she seems depressed. Can anyone help me? Jonathan, my daughter's boyfriend thought her eyes looked a little bulgy, but I don't see it.

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Don't listen to pet store employees. They are constantly trying to get you to buy shizz you don't need.

What is the size and temp of the tank? If its too cold that might be a reason. For water changes just use treated tap water. Not distilled, and you don't need the water they sell. It's just conditioned tap water.
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Hi Tracy! Welcome to the forum!

Hmm. Well the first thing I always check when my bettas look lethargic is the temperature. Betta are tropical fish and are most active and healthy at steady temps above 76F.

I'm not too sure how much I trust that fish store because there are no bacteria that produce oxygen in the tank water. The reason you don't clean out the entire tank at once is due the nitrifying bacteria that live on all surfaces of the aquarium. Drying out and chlorine kill them, so a 100% water change will kill a lot of them. But this is only in a cycled tank. What size tank is the betta currently in?

It also sounds like they are trying to sell you with the "pH balanced water" as there is no such thing. Unless something is really wrong with your water, it's perfectly fine to use tap water with water conditioner to remove chlorine.
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Thank you both for your advice! I went out and bought her a heater for her tank and she seems much happier now. I guess she was just cold with the air conditioning on. Thanks so much!
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