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Hello ..everyone has given some great advice. I know how you feel though it was hard for me when I put my Betta in a 5 gallon, he looked so tiny in there and still sometimes I think about getting a snail but for now his Gary the snail ornament will do plus really a Betta would love plants or hidey caves in their home better than a live snail I think , things to explore places to Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Sena Hansler
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Be careful - some bettas are bullies haha... I have an old fart, a fighter, and a mean little VT....
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Bettas are solitary by nature, and territorial

Originally Posted by shinsolo View Post
My tank is filtered though. but pooping snails don't sound fun after all... and how can my fish not be lonely??? i mean.. he has a giant dinosaur in the tank with him and some little toy fish that bobble along the top of the waters surface... but other than that his only company is me. people might say hes not lonely, but he cant tell me hes not lonely. and id rather him have a friend he doesnt have to talk to than suffer loneliness... right?? then again I have warped views on animals... I do this with my cat too, which is why I have two cats... and why I have two dogs... and two hamsters... when I had rabbits I had two of those too. the thought of one animal all alone for its whole life just seems depressing...

Bettas are naturally solitary...which is why every piece of reading material on the subject states that in any kind of community betta tank use extreme caution in adding any other types of fish, why you can't leave them even with a female, and the mere fact that they are nicknamed "Siamese Fighting Fish". Please read more before you purchase anything, and look at your fish as an individual with individual needs and not just an underwater dog or cat. Not to mention a 3.5 gallon is not as much room as you would think once decorations, filters, etc are taken into consideration. Before you add, please do research, for the sake of the health and happiness of your pet
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Sena Hansler
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I think to safely have anything other than the "pooping snails" go with a 10 gallon Then you can add a bunch o' live plants with a zebra snail, or mystery snail, perhaps some ghost shrimp... And MAYBE get away with some plain colored fish. I avoid flashy fishies... Even my one guppy male, who has the vibrant spotted orange halfmoon caudal, is bullied by his own kind
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3 gallon tank, companion needed

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