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is this normal

i just got this betta a couple days ago. it is in a vase kinda thing until friday when i can buy it tank. there is the story behind him.

well i got him to eat a couple pellets over the last few days. im guessing the previous owner was feeding him something that sank because the only way i can get him to eat is if the pellet sinks. but right now he is laying on his side on the bottom of the tank. now i know for most fish this is a bad sign.the water is at room temp right now. is it normal for it to lay down like that if the water is too cold? is he not going to make it? help please.
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Awh, the poor feller! I read the bit about them threatening to put him in the toilet.. ><

He's probably in a bit of shock at having different water conditions suddenly.

If his water's cloudy, there's something fouling it up. It's risky with a new, unwell fish, but I don't like the sound of that water.

I'd take him out of the tank (in a covered container) and give the bowl 100% change, using a little warm water from the tap to match room temp in the old water. Rinse the bowl really well if you're not sure whether it's ever been washed in soap, too - but remember to acclimate him -slowly- to new, conditioned water by floating him in a smaller container for 15 mins or so, adding a little new water the old water in the container every 5 mins, so he doesn't have a system shock.

If you're getting a tank Friday, you'll probably only need to do this one 100% before then. Then put him somewhere nice and warm. Some stress coat will help him through all these changes, it's amazing stuff.

Don't worry about his lack of appetite, bettas often go off food for a while when stressed and can last for many days without eating. He'll eat when he feels better. Remove any food he refuses, don't leave it in the bowl, that may be what's fouling your water.

He'll probably feel better in the new tank with some stable, clean, warm water that doesn't need such frequent changes/disruptions to him.

You're doing your best, though, to help this guy. Good on you for being kind.

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