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What fish for 120 litre

I am about to set up a 120 litre tank and move my four female bettas there,could anyone give me some advice as to what else i can keep in there as i dont want to overstock or have any conflicts with the bettas.
I will have sand rather than gravel and was wondering what kind of fish would suit that also.
Thank you.
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Location: North Carolina
i have 4 female bettas in with 3 dalmatian mollies and they seem to get on fine. i know some people say that mollies arent always the best choice but mine get along great! i did have to take female out though because the mollies are very greedy when it comes to food and one betta wasnt getting any food :/
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I'd actually add a few more female bettas first. I have only four in my 29 gallon (109 or 110 liter it looks like), and they go after each other a lot.

but along with my girls i have bronze cories, zebra danios, a bristlenose pleco, and some snails. the species dont bug each other much, other than occasionally chasing another fish away from food. they all seem to get enough to eat though!
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