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Old 06-28-2012, 09:00 PM   #1 
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Water changing help

Okay, so I got this brand new tank last week. It's a 3 gallon equip with a filter, heater, gravel, a fake log and 2 little aquarium decorations and 1 red male VT named Dumbledore. I put Dumbledore in his new tank Wednesday of last week. On Sunday I did a 50% water change, by just scooping the water out, and adding new water in (took Dumbledore out to do this). Then yesterday I did a full 100% change, rinsed everything in super hot water, wiped his log and ornaments with a paper towel to get the slimy feeling off, added new water, water conditioner, turned the filter & heater back on and slowly acclimated Dumbledore to his "new" domain.

However, all of this took me close to 2 hours to clean, wipe down, let the filter run the conditioner through, get water temp back to about 80f and acclimating. Is a 100% water change necessary? I don't have live plants, but will be getting some shortly. I will continue 100% changes if need be, I'll just need to set aside more time, or work faster. Only reason I ask this is because moving him from his tank to the Tupperware container really freaked him out and he was not happy with me when it was all said and done.

If it isn't necessary, what do you guys suggest? I don't have a vacuum, although I can pick one up at the store when I go next time.

Thanks :)
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Always always add water conditioner - even during the 50% change.
And when your changing the water run the warm tap to make it "feel" like a sample from his tank. That way it won't take so long for the heater to kick in and maintain the 80*.
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A vacuum would help your cause. Also if you pre-make the water in a dedicated bucket or pitcher (clean, but no soap), and add the conditioner to that then you really don't need to let it run through the filter before you add the fish back.

I don't personally remove my fish from their tanks when I do 50% water changes. As long as you condition the water before adding, and make sure the temp is the same then you don't really need to, especially if you use a vacuum and remove the water gently, add it back gently.
My fish consider it playtime when I do water changes. They have a ball chasing the vacuum and I rarely have to remove them from their tanks.
Good luck!
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Getting a vacuum is your best bet and they really dont cost much unless you get a fancy one, I got mine for like 7 dollars. Like Katy my Betta enjoys it to and likes to hang close by the vacuum and follow it. I have to be careful and keep and eye on where he is for fear of sucking him up but I keep the tube down far in the gravel so he cant get under it. Stress free water changes I love it and it doesnt take long at all 15 mins maybe.
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I'm a big fan of having pre-made water. We have nasty well water that no person should ever drink, so we buy all bottled water by the gallon. I save the empty gallon jugs when we drink it all, then fill it up and let it age (my tap water pH is 7.4, but 9.0 when it's aged, so I do it to avoid shocking my fish). Since it's sitting out, the water gets room temperature, which, since it's summer, is about 76*. The couple degree difference doesn't bother either of my boys, or my other fish. It also saves a lot of time to be able to just dump water in after you siphon it out

I would definitely get a vacuum, too. It makes life easier, and you can get a better clean if you get into the gravel.

I don't like doing 100% water changes. I feel like it's a lot of stress on the fish, and a big pain in the butt lol. I'd rather do a couple large gravel vacuums (as close to a 100% as you can get without actually having to take the fish out) a couple times a week.
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cleaning aquarium

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