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Fairy Shrimp Hatchery?

I'm really interested in hatching fairy shrimp instead of brine shrimp for my fry. Thing is, I've been searching for "how-to's" all over the internet and haven't found anything real helpful. So say I buy some eggs, now what? What are the requirements? I know they don't need salt but it is really as simple as pouring them in some water and leaving them alone? So confued. Help please.
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I bought some eggs several years ago and I didn't have all that much trouble hatching them....but, they are kind of expensive for what you

What I did-I used a half gallon jar-filled half way-added the eggs-then added about 2-3 cups more water after 2 hours-you don't need airstone or water movement-water temp I kept at 76-78F more or less room temp. Hatched the next day or about 24-28H.
I fed them yeast every other day and small amount of green water daily-They will die after about 3 days if you don't feed them.

Once most hatched and I could see them-I placed the jar in the window for about 2 hours a day.

Mine got pretty big and the fry loved them.....if it wasn't for the cost of the eggs...this is what I would feed instead of brine shrimp since fairy shrimp are fresh water.

I got mine from: but I am sure other places that are cheaper.

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