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Water movement

How much water movement does the Betta like? I have Blade in a fluval chi so the water trickles onto the surface, however I have filled the trays above the filter with pebbles so there is very little movement.
He regularly makes air bubbles on the surface so I assume he is OK with little movement
In Blades tank he has an internal filter with a directional jet. I have turned the direction against the back of the tank so there is little movement in the water but the top of the water looks too still and I am concerned about it becoming a bit stagnant. If I direct the jet against the side of his tank I get movement on the surface of the water in one corner.
He does not make any air bubbles, he is very young and small so not sure if this has anything to do with it?

How much movement does everyone have in their tank and what is best for them?
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I use an air stone, for that reason, I hate stagnant water, if it is oxygenated, it's healthier, and my lil guys love the current and the bubbles, so much..they go play in them, and ride the wave when it flows..very cool to watch..try won't be sorry:)
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In my most recent Avi pic you can see the flow of bubbles that Sammy is looking's from the Airstone:)
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I baffled my filter to have minimal movement, my fish hates moving water, but like you, I don't like the still water. I have a TOM spunge filter, it is the smallest they make, and I added extra foam on the outside to limit the amount of water that flows to it, then covered it with plastic flowers to it looks nicer.

I also got a plastic tube from home depot and added it to the outflow instead of the tube that was there to have the outflow on the other side and added a little aquarium foam on that end to keep the flow down.

There is almost no movement in the water, and Guppy is a happy betta. :)

I suppose it depends on the fish.
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Well, if there is still some kind of movement in the tank it is perfectly fine. If there is too much movement it stresses out the fish.
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It does depend on the fish. But generally less current and surface agitation the better.

Having said that, some of my fish like to play in the refill water as I pour it into the tank. They get blown around and come back for more..silly fish.
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