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What food?

Im sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but i am new to fishkeeping.
When i set up my 30 gallon tank i plan on a few different species in female bettas,cories,pleco,danios or platies.
What i was wondering is how and what do i feed them,the bettas are on pellets,but what about the cories and other fish would they also try and eat the pellets? and do they need a certain food?
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Kenny G
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One of the best food to feed your other fish is "TetraMin Tropical Flakes" You don't have to worry about the corries they are bottom feeders. I feed my betta's micro pellets that float. The only problem you might have is the betta eating the flakes as well as the pellets. They will eat everything in sight. In some cases some tropical fish prefer the betta food over there own.

Good luck
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It's going to be rather hard to just feed the betta pellets. There is very little difference between the forumuals, so just feed the entire tank on one food (pelllets are the best). New Life Spectrum makes a good community formula.

The cories will need to be fed separately as not enough food often reaches the bottom. A sinking pellet food is best. Feed them after the aquarium light goes out so that the other fish can't see the pellets being dropped.
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