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dwarf frog tank... sand yes or no?

Ok, in a previous post i talked about my bn pleco and dwarf frog having compatibility problems. I dont want to get rid of either so ive decided to setup a ten gallon tank based around a colony of frogs. I was also thinking maybe a school of ghost catfish and possibly use it as an excuse to get an elephant ear betta. Of course the tank would be planted.

Other than that, what would someone suggest as a algea eating/clean up fish thats not a pleco? Ive considered cory cats but have never had any, ive heard kuhli loaches can do a decent job with tank cleanup. Another thing im considering is sand of some sort, ive read thats what dwarf frogs prefer, but again ive never used sand. Is it harder to keep clean? And are there any freshwater fish that will sift through the sand?

I also considered making it a breeder tank for my dwarf frogs, my lfs guy told me he would buy them from me if they turned out healthy. From what ive read getting them to breed is easy and the tadpoles are pretty hardy. Whats got me wary about that is getting the eggs to hatch is near impossible. Has anyone had any good experiences with this?
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While sand is better for the frogs (they won't get stuck under rocks, and food won't fall under rocks), it's a huge pain. If you ever want to switch back to rocks, getting it out of the tank is nearly impossible. Also, cleaning is a lot harder. With rocks, you can just put them in a strainer and run water through them. Sand will fall through even the finest of strainers. My dwarf frog passed away a few months ago, and while he was fun and cute, I don't think I'll be getting another one. He was so hard to feed, because they have such terrible eyesight. But best of luck to you and your frogs!
P.S. I had lots of issues with tail nipping. My frog liked to go after my betta's beautiful tail. Just keep an eye out! :)
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