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Moved My Bettas; Should I Feed? and Other Things.

I'm currently acclimating my two bettas because I moved them from my dad's house to my mom's house, where if I'm away my sister can care for them. (She has a betta named Otis). Before I told her that she needed to clean his 1gal bowl once a day, she didn't feed on cleaning days (about once a week) and said that the stress plus food would cause SBD. I followed her advice when I got my first betta, but when I discovered that if I did that every time I cleaned their bowls I would never feed them!

My question is that is she partcially correct? I moved them (15 minute drive, but the car was 105F. The water pretty much stayed the same temp, though.) today and like I said I'm still acclimating. When I'm finished acclimating them, should I feed?

They're acting like nothing ever happened. Sally's curious to see her new room (she thinks it's hers, anyways :P) and Donald's being his lazy old man self. There's absolutely no change in how their acting. (I pay VERY close attention).

I transported Donald in a cup (like you would drink out of with a lid) with his original tank water. When I got here, I put the water from his cup into a sandwich baggie-like bag and floated it in some water from here (dechlorinator, pH balance stuff, both from Tetra. He's used to the dechlorinator but I've never used pH balance stuff with him). Every 15 minute I'm scooping a very small amount of water from the tank into his baggie. His tank is only half full and I'll keep it that way until tomorrow when I do a water change. (I wanted to keep the % of his original water higher than if the tank was full).

Sally was transported in her tank with only 1/3 of the water in it. I have a cup of new water that I'm pouring a small amount of into her tank every 15 minutes. I'll continue to do this until her tank is 100% full.

Another new thing for them: they can see each other more than before. I had a towel over the back half of Donald's tank before and they were about 2 feet from each other. They could see each other if Donald came to the front of the tank (I think, I've never been inside of a fish bowl :P). Now they're about a foot apart and there are three small fake cactus plants between them. Sally was curious about Donald at their first home when I first got him, and when I put them like they are now she was still a bit curious. She has NEVER acted aggressively to anything but to a certain necklace I wear. Donald was afraid of her (and everything else, including the rocks at the bottom of his tank) when I first got him, but he's comfortable with her now. Is this alright, since they don't seem to mind? They're in two different tanks.
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Yes you should be able to put the tanks next to each other...I have two male betta tanks RIGHT next to each other and I've never had a problem :) I have actually heard stories of the male and female bettas in tanks next to each other getting very attached to one another :)

And I personally have never heard that about feeding...Some people fast their fish once a week anyway (I personally don't do it...not because I don't believe in it, I just never do it)...But I always feed my bettas after a water change...And actually I feed them LIVE food as a treat :D My male always builds me a bubble nest the next morning :)

Hope this helped!
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