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Old 07-03-2012, 10:02 PM   #21 
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I believe the evidence supports that fish can feel pain, but it's certainly not a unanimous decision. But part of me has to wonder if the scientists who hold that fish don't feel pain are avid catch-and-release fisherman. That way they can justify jabbing a hook through the fish's mouth without feeling guilty.
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my sorority girl put all grudges aside and huddle together when they see me. They are so into their food. I have to watch them from a distance to see how they really act.
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Even though I don't think they feel pain, doesn't mean we should treat them bad. I do think there is some feeling, but not as intense as in animals with more complex nervous systems.
In psych we did learn about these people, they were basically paralyzed, for years people thought they had no thoughts or anything, turns out they did. So that's why I think we should always treat everyone nicely. :D
Postencephalitic parkinsonism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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If they didn't feel pain, they wouldn't dash themselves on rocks to be rid of ich and other irritating parasites.. would they?

I had someone explain to me a while ago that fish have a line along the sides of their bodies that is an incredible sort of sensory organ, they use this to detect vibrations in the water (sound, motion) as well as temperature differences.. I found this interesting, must read more on it.

My brother in law had a trigger fish in his room that was his 'best buddy' for years, it was so tame it would swim into his hand (this is not a small fish, lol) and rest there for its checkups. That fish definitely reacted to his voice in a way it did not for others.

I don't know about 'smart' but being predatory + highly food motivated makes for easy training. And I do see major individuality in temperament, behaviour among all my bettas.
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Old 07-04-2012, 01:07 AM   #25 
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What you are talking about Aus is the lateral line. It is an amazing organ; I studied it in detail in ichthyology. Fish use it for all kinds of things from electroreception to hearing to sensing water movement. It's really a fishy "6th sense"! If you can stop by a local college library, they might have some ichthyology books that would have more on it.
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I would love to take ichthyology
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