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Unhappy Serious Betta Help! D:

Hi, I have a Betta fish and I love him to death, I have two males who share the same tank [A divider, they can't see each other.] & I had them for about a month now. I wasn't able to clean their tank for 2 weeks or longer because my mom was to busy to get me the supplies. So today my mom bought me Nutrafin Aqua + plus & a Nutrafin waste control > Nutrafin Cycle, their all 3 bottles & some betta food, my fish were eating tropical flakes for the month and it made them grow bigger [No bloating.] My fish are in a 1/2 Gallon Tank with a divider I think it's a bit bigger then 1/2 the divider is not really thick so it takes up barley any room they have plenty of room to swim.

So today when I got these supplies I went to clean their tank I rinsed everything out [Didn't use soap] and took my time, including the plants & gravel, divider. I kept my fin in cups and I put a small drop of Nutrafin Aqua plus in the water to keep them alive [They were both in two different cups.] When I finished cleaning the tank I put them back in & their tank. I think I added to much Nutrafin drops, On it's lid it shows the L to put and how much, 5mL treats 38L so I think I put in way to much Water conditioner!

Now when I went to see my halfmoon his thrin was black and it felt like it was stuck together, he has 2 holes in his fins!

PLEASE help, I am freaking out I love my fish and my crowntail is perfectly fine & he looks so unhappy! Should I clean the tank again? I have no fish meds and only have table salt I cannot access the pet stores at the moment. He isn't losing color he is swimming around but slow he is active. What should I do? I don't want him to die, and kill him he still has years to go and I killed my poor fish? Him & My crown tail are my only fish down stairs we have a huge community tank.

My fish tank has 2 fake plants, gravel, divider...And that's pretty much it. I cannot get a new tank my mom told me I should of gotten a bigger thank but I spent more then $50.00 on my Betta fish their 1/2 was $32.00 + $2.00 tax & My halfmoon was $20.00+ and my crowntail was $12.00 My fish supplies were about $6 for all 3 bottles & for food $6

Please, should I clean out the tank? What should I do! And will his fins heal back?

I cannot really upgrade their tank at the moment since I live far away from a pet store & at the moment once I find a small heater I will use that, I am I promise going to upgrade their tanks I can't now the fatest when would be 2 weeks D:
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Oops I think I put this in the wrong section, freaking out :#
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It's okay. You're in the right place. New users commonly put threads in different place, but we still find them! :)

It just sounds like your halfmoon has a bit of fin rot. It seems to happen to halfmoons a lot. I have one that is just getting over a bad case of rot. The best thing you can do for your fish in this case is warm, clean water. Betta are tropical fish and do best at temperatures between 76F and 85F. The other thing you can do to help your fish is get them a larger tank. A 1/2 gal tank is just too small for one betta let alone two. They will do just fine in the 1 gal glass bowls (or a 1 gal tupperware container). Another reason a 1 gal is better for their health is it is easier to heat. Fish can't regulate their body temperatures so they are the same temp as the water. Rapid temperature changes stress them out, and a stressed out fish is a sick fish.

Hope I was of some help. Take a deep breath and know that your fish will be okay. :)
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