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HM female and DS male?

Would a halfmoon female and dragonscale male work? I would like to breed these two but would a crowntail female work better or be more desierable? I guess its really a matter of opinion but I would need to find homes for them and it would be best to know which would be adopted faster. Oh and last thing any tips for a first time breeder on getting a male to blow a bubble nest or is that really just unpredictable?
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DS is not a betta acronym. It gets confusing when new ones are popping up everywhere.

Dragon is a color type. The thick metallic scales are semi dominant. You will get half dragons/dragon genos. The next generation will yield dragons.
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Dragon scales has nothing to do with fin form. So yes you could spawn drgn scales to any fin form.

For your first attempt, do not mix tail type. That way you will have definite offspring and should be able to rehome them easier.

To get a male to blow bubble nest, simply feed him nutritious food and keep up with water changes. If this doesn't work, double his flaring exercise. Rivalry will induce them to breed.
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I think what he means is how petsmart labels there fish. A Dragonscale would be a Plakat Betta. I wouldn't recommend breeding fish derived from a pet store as they are usually bad quality and are too old for breeding.
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I've seen petsmart sell dragonscale HMs and crowntails as well. Pretty sure it's synonymous with dragon.
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