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API Fungus Cure and water changes?

My king betta, Hector, came from the pet store with fin rot and daily 100% water changes with salt haven't cleared it up. I've put some API Fungus Cure (3ml since he's in a 3 gallon tank ATM) but the bottle says to change the water in 4 days. He's a poop machine and his tank is small for him, so he needs way more frequent water changes (he'll be going in a divided 10 gallon, with 6 gallons on his side once the tank cycles/his fin rot clears).

So how do I handle the water change/medicine situation?
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Leela, this is what it suggests on the sticky. You can find out alot of info by reading those! :) Hope this helps answer your questions some.

Tail rot or fin rot
•Symptoms: Betta’s fins and/or tail seem to be getting shorter and shorter or they seem to be falling apart and dissolving, Black or red along the edge of the betta’s fins/tail, Bloody tips, Behavior may not change
Treatment: Conservative: Treat with Aq.Salt at 1 tsp/gal. Increase water changes to 100% daily. Replace accurate amount of salt following water changes. Add Stress Coat to help repair tissue. If there is little to no improvement within the first 5 days, you can increase the salt dosage gradually to 2tsp/gal but do not continue any salt treatments past 10 days. Medication: If Conservative treatment is ineffective use API Tetracycline, API Fungus Cure, API Triple Sulfa, OR API Erythromycin. Also add Stress Coat to help regrowth. Continue until fins/tail stop receding and start showing some new growth.

I'm pretty sure that even if the box says to wait for four days, if he's in a smaller tank and poops alot, you're probably going to want to continue with the 100% water changes per day and just add another dose of the meds. If I recall correctly though, I'm pretty sure API Fungus cure says to wait 48 hours, then add a new does of the medication. So if you feel comfortable, i'd do a 100% change in two days and add a new dose.

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