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Originally Posted by misty1477 View Post
I really try to stay away from the pet stores. I hate seeing all the Bettas in those damn cups :( I try to buy my supplies online instead.

IDEA: Is there any way that we can have these forums sent via email or something to ALL of the Walmarts+PetCos+Petsmart stores AND their corporate offices???? Maybe that would wake them up about Betta care.

BTW.....I spend more time on this site than on my FaceBook page ..... LOL
Yes, Misty I do too,^ I love this forum, and I have been learning so much about Betta's and their Needs, that I want to hold meetings to teach people the REAL way to take care of them!! I like your idea of that, check with a Mod on here..could be a possibility..
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Lizzy, I hate to sound like a real monster, but you can't save them all. It is abuse plain and simple, but things will not change any time soon, because massive chain stores like PetCo and PetSmart make far too much profit to go out of business on account of several dying animals here and there. Protesting isn't a good idea either, as it might end as a night in your county jail. Letters that you write may never make it to corporate, and if they do, will be sorted into the rubbish as soon as they arrive. In the rare case that they do make it to a CEO, he will agree to change things but nothing will actually happen. I don't mean to sound ironic or heartless, but that's the way the world is.

So - be good to the ones you have, love them and spoil them silly, spend some quality time with them each day, and remember that you saved them from ending up dead or worse in a tiny PetCo cup.
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It sad and true. But i like to try to help...write, call. You never know may be some one luckily willing to help there, and may be is also fish lover lol I know it very naive to think though.
I did it once at the Walmart . Management there were very helpful , they gave me corporate #. I called they made the claim, call me back. To make long story short somehow i don't know how , i don't know if it because i called or something else that Walmart store stopped carry bettas. I told them that it discussed people to go with children and see sick, dying fish. I told them that it will influence their business.
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