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Is This a Healthy Betta?

Size - 5 gallons
Temperature - 78 degrees F
No filter or aeration
Betta is solitary

Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets
Usually I feed him 1 pellet 3x a day

Water changes every 3 days, 50% one day, 100% the next
I add Seachem neutral regulator to any new water
I haven't gotten the water tested

I saved this betta from a girl keeping him in a vodka bottle with no water changes a couple days ago. I think she had him for a few weeks and before that, he was at a bar so I'm not really sure how old he is or how long he's been keep in those conditions. I got him a new tank with a heater and a couple live plants.
Unfortunately I don't know what this betta looked like when he was healthy and I don't know enough about fish to diagnose him myself. Since I acquired him, he seems to have lost a lot of color in his body (turning transparent) and his fins, especially the tail, is slightly transparent. It looks like his pectoral fins have a little sign of rot (white tips) but since I've had him, his fins haven't gotten smaller. He has several black scales - I don't know whether this is just his coloration or whether they are actually turning black. The area directly behind his gills seem to have gotten blacker and his gills are a reddish, blackish color. I am also a little unsure about the mottled appearance of him head, whether it might be an infection or just coloration again.
He is actually very active and responsive. I was worried the first day I put him in the new tank because he wasn't able to eat. He went after food immediately but would spit it back up and then immediately try to eat it again. He would continue to spit it back up until he gave up. I fasted him for the next day and now he takes food just fine.
I was mostly wondering if there are any products people recommend to nurse this guy back to good health
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He looks pretty good to me. His fins look fine, if he wasn't feeling well he'd be clamped and sitting at the bottom of the tank. Glad to see you have a heater, warm water greatly influences health for these guys. Him being active and responsive is also a good sign. I've had bettas that have white tips and it was just his natural color, sometimes one's longer than the other for various reasons. Just make sure there isn't any "fuzzy stuff" on them.
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Yeah, he looks pretty good. I'd up his pellets to about 4-6 a day, not per feeding, just total; maybe 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, 2 at night til he's comfortable in his new home and then maybe 2-3 in the morning 2-3 at night *if he tolerates it* :) every betta is different though lol His gills are probably darker colored due to ammonia poisoning, but it doesn't look to be bothering him much - with a 5 gallon tank, just keep up with bi-weekly water changes for a few weeks and it should clear up. His mottled head shouldn't be of any concern either - I rescued a sickly, near death betta from Petsmart a few weeks ago and his head was mottled then, he's made a full recovery and his head is still mottled and I think it's just his coloration :) But yeah, over all I think your guy looks pretty good! Keep up the good work!
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