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Yep, You Read Right. A Case Of The Evil Fin Rot.

So here's my story and from what I've read, its pretty common. A few weeks ago, we had a party at my university. Betta fish were given away as party favors, and of course, mine was stolen from me before I could nab him. So being the whiney, lonely 23 year old girl that I am ( ) I convinced my boyfriend to take me out to buy one. I had all intentions of getting my betta fish from a good place, but while walking through the aisles of Walmart, Michelangelo caught my eye. He is a beautiful fish, bright red in color, and full of a playful, loving personality. He already knows who I am and swims up to the glass on the tank when I walk into the room. I love my Michelangelo to pieces. I didn't notice his tail, however, until a few days later. And that's why I'm posting on here to see if there is anything else I can do for my little guy.

MA lives in a 5.5 gal tank with a carbon filter. I don't have the carbon in as I'm using the API Fungus Cure and 1 rounded tablespoon of Aquarium Salt in his tank at the moment. The temperature is set at 76-78F and I have an awesome heater that helps it stay that way. He is the king of his tank and lives by his lonesome on my nightstand.

I feed him Betta Bio-Gold pellets (3 twice a day) and occasionally I'll substitute some blood worms for him from time to time.

I do about 25% water change every 5-7 days (I have an uncycled tank so I'm trying not to kill off all the good bacteria for him), and I add in some water dechlorinator.

Water Parameters:
Water parameters are all normal and have been since I got MA. I test before I do my water changes every week.

Symptoms and Treatment:
MA is very active still and he eats all of his food like a good little fish. The only thing I've noticed is his tail is looking shredded and it had black tips. I noticed a white Harry Potter scar on his forehead the other day. We've nicknamed him the Fish Who Lived, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. It's still in the early stages, but some of his other fins have a white-ish coloring on them now, which I'm sure is the fin rot. I'm using the API Fungus Cure and Aquarium Salt. Just added it tonight and he seems to be doing alright, even if the color looks yellow-green. It's kind of pretty in the light. I didn't treat him for the first few weeks I had him, because I was hoping that the clean water would do him some good. He seemed to respond well to the water change, but it just doesn't seem to be getting much better. I'm guessing MA is a few months old. He has gotten bigger in the few weeks I've had him. His fins are much fuller and his coloring is still very, very vibrant. He doesn't have clamped fins or anything and his diet is still good, so I'm hopeful that it is still in the beginning stages of fin rot.

So, is there anything else I can do for him now? Or is it time to play the waiting game to see what happens?

Also, this forum is wonderful and it helped me spoil my fish so much when I first got him. He's my very first pet and I feel like he had a nice set up for a little betta fish. Thanks for being so awesome and helping out new fish lovers like myself!

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could you post a picture? the API fungus cure isnt necessary at all, so stop using it :p if its a very mild case of fin rot then you really dont need to add anything to the water, you can up the water changes a bit to keep it clean, dont worry too much about the beneficial bacteria during water changes as it will still build up over time in the filter and the gravel :) whenever some of my bettas get fin rot and it starts to heal, the part that is healing turns white at the edges, so theres really nothing to worry about when it comes to that :) what is the water conditioner that you use?
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Here are some pictures! I took them on Thursday, so not too long ago. He hasn't gotten any worse or looks any different. He has a little bit of a white/silver coloring over his body (his scales shimmer a little when he swims past light, but definitely silver/purple and not in a coppery way so no need to worry about anything else), and I believe the white on the tips of his front fins is part of it. As you can see in the last picture that I got of all of his fins, one of them has dark brownish tips and then the one to the right of it has white/clear looking tips. I kept the picture of his fins bigger so you could see. Making it smaller makes it a bit challenging. Also, I use the BettaSafe by Tetra for his conditioner. Thanks for the info on his tank. He gets a little testy if I do more than half his tank though. Poor guy isn't a fan of change.

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Honestly, he looks fine and healthy. Red bettas sometimes have a black outline around their fins, and it can be mistaken for fin rot. REAL fin rot is nasty stuff. If you see fins blackening quickly, becoming ragged, or literally falling off in shreds, then they have fin rot.

This isn't to say "I told you so!" it's just that I've seen people get bettas with black edges on their fins and they equate it to finrot and it isn't. If you still think something is wrong with him, all you need to do is keep his water pristine, with a small amount of AQ salt and/or black water extract. As for the raggedness, VTs often get random shapes in their tails as their fins grow out. White on fintips usually means new growth.

I hope this helps! As long as he's acting healthy, he most likely is healthy. Congrats on your boy, he's lovely. :)
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Old 07-04-2012, 12:06 PM   #5 
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His tail is more ragged looking than when I got him, so I know that it's being eaten away. At first, I thought it was part of his coloring, but after watching him for a few days and taking a step away for a week while I was on vacation, I saw his tail again and about cried. I hadn't treated him just to make sure. The picture doesn't really highlight the raggedness of his tail. It looks like someone took scissors and snipped out tiny triangles. Poor guy.

I took a look at it this morning though. There is a section on it that is starting to look a little better and the black is going away (significantly smaller today than last night). :D Makes me hopeful! Other than that, he's pretty healthy!
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Old 07-07-2012, 04:09 PM   #6 
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Alright, here's an update on my little guy!

His fins are looking much better, and even though I didn't need to keep up the fungus treatments, I still did anyway. It was working and he's been acting like a super good fish, so I didn't want to mess anything up. His first water change is due tomorrow (4 days of fungus treatment per the back of the box), but I'm thinking about doing a full water change instead of half of one. I'm a little nervous about doing that because he doesn't like change at all. He's starting to get some more white on the tips of his fins, but the black around the edges is still there. It's gone away in the middle part, but the outer edges are still infected. His fins haven't gotten any shorter, so that's a good sign. I know I can only do the salt treatments for 10 or so there anything I can do after that if the fin rot is still there?
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