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Qustions about my tank setup

today i bought a new tank, i had a small 1 gallon tank for my male and female Betta, i bought a 10 gal tank.

instead of going with a traditional rock, i decided to go with tank sand. i went this way because i like a more naturally looking tank and so i can plant live plants to keep the water oxidized. i bought 3 small plants and 6 bulbs that say they will grow into plants in 30 days or less.

so the questions i have are:

1. is sand possibly bad/dangerous for my Betta?
2. if i decide to breed in this tank will the eggs get lost in the sand? (the sand is white)
3. has any1 ever used these bulbs before? do they grow, and how tall to they get?
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1. Sand is not dangerous to your betta but needs to be poked regularly to oxygenate.
2. You cannot breed in sand. The eggs fall on the sand and the male will have an awful time not picking up sand instead of eggs. A bare bottom tank is the prefered method.
3. I only had one of the bulbs not grow. I did not place them in the tank because I had heard they would not grow. I placed them in a cup until the plants The size of tha plants depends on the type you end up getting. The bulbs that look like an onion produce thin and long leaves 10to 12 inches tall. If you get a lily they get REALLY large but they are fun plants because the leaves float when they grow enough to reach the surface. Those are the only two that ever grew for me. There was another bulb that I had to toss.
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Sand is NOT dangerous to Bettas. You can not breed in this Tank(Sorry) and if you actually are going to breed I suggest bare bottom. I also would not suggest to keep a male and a female together. Hormones would get in the water, and the female would possibly get egg bound and want to go near the male. I don't know anything about the plant bulbs. Sorry.
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The standard spawning method is much easier for the first time breeder, however, I have been using sand to cap the soil in my heavy planted spawning tanks without issue...I have not found sand to cause any problems for the male in gathering eggs/fry...

IMO-sand is not the best medium to use for some species of plants-too deep and it can limit nutrients and suffocate the roots/stem-as well as cause anaerobic issues.

I have had a 50/50 success on the bulbs....don't bury them...let them sit on the surface or place them in a container of water in the window until they sprout then place in the tank.
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