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Set Backs - New Ideas?

Since I've moved I have downsized from 3 separate tanks to a single 10 gallon separated. My 3 Bettas are doing well combined without issue. Now that I'm dealing with only 3 gallons for each of them decorating has been extremely difficult. I've lost many of my plants for various reasons and will now have to buy all new. *sigh* My filter also decided to break!! (Good thing I have 2 more.) Algae has decided to completely over run this tank as well. So I've decided to start brand new.

First thing is definitely get a new filter. With the 3 fish they can't sit in stand still water. I also need to work on recycling the tank as I need to take it apart to clean everything up. Also need to order plants & some algae snails (haven't decided on MTS or Nerites yet.)

Does anyone have any decorating suggestions? What would look good for the 3 split tank? If I'm putting this much time and money into it it might as well look good in the end!

My Crypt. Wendtii have survived, java ferns are doing well, and my vals *might* make it. Still have some hornwort that is salvageable, too. The tank I have is filtered, heated (stays around 78-82*), fertilized (have root tabs and liquid fert), with 6,500k spectrum lighting. I usually use the lighting for 10 hours a day and keep it dark in between. Algae has taken over since I haven't been dedicated to that which allowed the algae to grow. Considering buying a timer now so it's exactly the same daily.

Thanks to any help!!
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If the tank is heavily planted enough, you might not need a filter. Look into more fast-growing plants like stem plants and floating plants. You could also look into a simple sponge filter instead of the power filters. Sponges are much gentler on betta's fins.

I think I see the cause of your algae problem: too much light. None of my tanks have more than 8 hours of light. The one in which I'm battling algae only get 4 hours of light. Knock the amount of light in half, and you will see less algae. I would get rid of the root tabs, too. I've only heard them recommend when you have massive sword plants which are heavy root feeders. A substrate that isn't vacuumed is sufficient for crypts, vals, and java fern. Planted tanks are all about balance between light, nutrients, and growth.

Also for snails, I would go with MTS. I have them in all of my tanks. Never have they taken over. I rarely see them in the day as they are mostly nocturnal. Great little guys they are.
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