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Betta Meds?

Now that I've expanded my betta family What meds do you guys recommend I have on hand just in case? I won't be able to get to my pet store easily to pick anything up when the need arises, and odds are they won't have it anyway. It's always better to be prepared.
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aquarium salt
epsom salt
API general cure
malachite green

This is what I have on hand. I did check out my local fish store and they have anything else I could possibly need so I didn't bother to stock up much more but I will watch this thread and see if I need anything else close at hand.
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I guess nobody else has any suggestions. But thank you!
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Aquarium and epsom salt
quick cure (malachite green) for fungus and Ick
API Furan 2 OR Mardel's Maracyn 1 AND 2. I would go with Furan 2 if you can find it. I have heard that Maracyn is less effective with hard water. I had a guy with columnaris and I had to seriously OD the fish n order to get it to work.
Jungle Anti Parasite fizz tabs

Normally Aquarium or epsom salt solves most of the probles unless you are fighting something more nasty like columnaris.

This is a link to an online shop but they have a nice list of various fish meds and what they are for.

Kordon and Mardel products:

API Meds:

Jungle Labs Products

Avoid Bettafix or any API product that ends in fix as it has a tree oil that can kill the betta
Many of these Meds do the same thing

On hand, I have:
Furan 2
Jungle Anti Parasite fizz tabs and medicated pellets
Quick Cure
Amquel Plus conditioner and ammonia detoxifier
Prime conditioner
Stress Coat conditioner
Krodon Fish Protector
Aqueon water conditioner

I don't really NEED all of that. When I lived in Alaska, I stocked up on stuff since I had to order most of the real meds online. Petco only has bettafix, coppersafe and Maracyn-oxy. Amquel plus and the Fish Protector I had for when I moved from Alaska back to NY with my fish as they are supposed to be good things to have for long distance shipping and prime Conditioner I have as a back up in case I run out of Stress Coat and I don't have any money to get a new one. Alot of people like Prime but....OMG does it REEK of sulfer. Makes my room smell like cat whiz for a few hours after I open the bottle.

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