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Urgent: Need to divide my 10 gal ASAP!

So I rescued this female betta and I was going to keep her in a 1 gal bowl until i got the money for a 5 gal.

Well the bowl fell out of the car and shattered so now she is in the 10 gal loose with Dahvie. No one has attacked each other but they are chasing each other around. Sometimes they will sit peacefully side by side and I suspect they would get along but I do NOT want to risk it.

Where do I get the dividers at? if I can get it online that is fine too I just need something to divide this tank even if it's something temporary until I get an actual divider what would be safe to use?

There are several areas for the two of them to hide away from each other and I'm assuming that's why a full blown fight hasn't happened yet..but still I'm really concerned that it will happen.
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Well for starters male and females should only be kept together when spawning and ONLY for that period of time only. You can get a divider for your tank from your local fish store(LFS) or petsmart/petco depending on what you have in the area. As for something temporary it will need to be high enough ao they can't jump over the wall, and wide enough so they can't swim trough it. I would say if you have any panes of glass that are smooth and not chipped would work as a divider if it fits, any other kind of smooth surface will also work aslong as you believe it would be safe to put in the water( use common sense :p). The ones you get from your store are a mesh-like material that allows for water circulation and filtration and cost 10-15$. You can also make one for less than 5$ which you can find a guide for on this site or on google, but I am on my phone so I cannot link it. Please keep us updated on them!! Best of luck!
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If you can't make a temporary divider, you can just house the female in a big container for the time being.
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Old 07-08-2012, 09:31 PM   #4 
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I ended up finding a vase so I put her in there. I still wish I could have divided the tank somehow idk i'm just not digging the limited space :/
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Hi heres a link to a step by step guide with pics to make your own. im going to be doing this also tomorrow. i didnt think my walmart would not have craft mesh but it blew my mind and they dont so instead of dividing my 10 gal today i gotta wait till tomorrow.
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Old 07-09-2012, 12:05 AM   #6 
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If you don't want to divide the tank, you could keep her in a breeder net. You can find them at Petsmart and Petco for about $10. They're great as temp betta homes; lots of clean warm water without the pesky fish interactions. I use my breeder nets to house bettas all the time. I don't want to put any in my community for fear that the gourami would take offense to them.
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