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Old 07-10-2012, 12:06 PM   #1 
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Aqaubid question!

So I bid on a Plakat on aquabid and I won!
Hes going to be shipped soon.
I was wondering if anyone has ever used aquabid and could tell me a little bit about the process.

how do they shipp the little guy?
will he be safe?

say anything you want!
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aquabid is a favorite around these parts. They ship your fish in a little bag with half of the water in it. Sometimes there are even little plants in the bag. They generally get there pretty quick and outside of being a little shocked looking their ok.
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I guess you must be using a transhipper? A transhipper is someone who has a license to import livestock (in this case, fish) from overseas. Usually breeders can't ship directly to the buyer without an importation permit. The usual process to import a fish from the Far East is this:

- Buyer wins auction and pays breeder for the fish and any shipping fee from breeder to transhipper.

- Usually buyer contacts nearest transhipper to find out when their next incoming shipment will be. They import fish "in bulk", I think 2 shipments per month is usual. Buyer finds out from transhipper how much they charge to ship to the buyer and any handling fee, and pays them

- Transhipper contacts breeder to arrange/finalize shipment

- About 2 days before the shipment date, many (but not all) breeders will confirm with the buyer that they have shipped their fish to the transhipper

- Fish arrives at transhipper, who sends it to the buyer. In some cases the transhipper may offer the buyer the opportunity to pick the fish up and save the shipping cost

If you aren't sure re the transhipper, look at your Aquabid ad where you bought the fish and see who your closest transhipper is, then contact them to let them know you purchased a fish. They are usually pretty helpful.
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Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
I forgot to mention how they ship the fish (package). Fish are shipped double-bagged to prevent leakage, in small tubular bags. You will probably find a piece of brown leaf in the bag, and the water may look yellow. They usually add this Indian Almond Leaf (IAL) to the water to help the fish get through the stress of being shipped.

When the transhipper sends to you they will usually pack the fish bag(s) inside a small box lined with styrofoam with popcorn or bubble wrap. Package is shipped overnight or 2-day shipment.

For DOA's read the auction ads, but the usual practice for most breeders is that if you send them a pic of the dead fish in the unopened bag, they will replace the fish, but you will still have to pay any shipping/handling/transhipper costs for the new fish.
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Old 07-10-2012, 04:25 PM   #5 
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Also, you can add a hot/cold pack depending on the weather. The fish are prepared on friday and taken to shipper on saturday (iirc), and on sunday shipped to the transhipper, and then shipped to you on monday and tuesday.

The fish are checked by fish and game, and go through customs. Then they are checked, air added to bags/new bags/etc as needed and packaged for shipping.

Most transhippers will not hold your fish if you havent paid them for shipping, and ship to the first who paid first.
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Is the fish from Thailand or USA. Are they going to a specific transshipper? (Linda, Jen, Julie, etc).
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