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Location: Iowa, USA
Breeding Bettas

Ha guys, I was thinking about sometime breeding bettas I was thinking halfmoons or delta tails. Any tips would be great, also were can you get halfmoons or delta tails for breeding. Can I just get a male and female from a petstore? I'm still doing a lot of reasearch about breeding bettas. Also where would I be able to give them away or sale them? hope for your advice.
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Do you understand of how much money and commitment breeding takes? This is one of the things that I learned. You need to get all the supplies, fry food, grow out tanks, spawning tank, and do you know what culling is? You NEED to get your pair from a breeder. The Bettas in the Pet Store were bred for no goal. It's just mixed breeding. You could sell them on Aquabid and your fellow locals. You also need to plan ahead. The jars you need for the males, what will happen if people won't buy your stock? What are you going to do then? It's going to be around 100 if it's a small spawn. There is no right or wrong in breeding. You just, find your own method with your supplies. Sorry if I sound mean. You can easily spend over $500. Don't even get me started on shipping supplies... O.O
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You can get delta's or halfmoons from breeders here or you can check Aquabid to see their listings. I would advise against using pet store bettas unless you have a preset plan to be able to give homes to all of them (You could sell some to a mom and pop shop and give a few to family, but many other breeders will not use pet store bettas because of unreliable genetics and general poor finnage compared to the standards.)

Read this forums posts, read these links.

If you have any additional questions please ask! But many questions can be found right here on this forum!

Good Luck!~
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Location: Seattle, WA
I say go with HMs, unless you start off with high quality fish you will mostly get Deltas anyway.
AquaBid is a good place to find a good stock. My advice is to get your hands on the best fish possible, taking care of fry is a LOT of work and to put all that $$ and effort in rearing bad quality fish is not worth it IMO.
Petstore bettas are a BAD idea. You don't know wthe background of the fish and they might be carrying bad genetics.

This is a good starting point for info:
There''s also a LOT of info on this forum.

When shopping for a pair, ask here to other members. There's a few people here that really know what a good betta looks like.

Welcome to the world of betta keeping!
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Location: Iowa, USA
I know how hard it is breeding bettas I was just curious I might not do it or I might not do it for years I'm just curious about breeding them.
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IMHO you should never breed pet store Bettas, there are enough pet store quality fish sitting in cups everywhere, plus you don't know the genetic history of the fish. Pet store suppliers jumble up the genetics of the fish to produce quantity, not quality, so it prevents you from ever achieving a goal. Delta tails aren't exactly in-demand, although breeding halfmoons will render plenty of them, you should still aim for halfmoons or HMPK to begin with. You can sell higher quality Bettas to other breeders and owners, and trust me when I say there are plenty of them, so long as they are decent quality.

As for tips, do plenty of research and ask lots of questions. Do NOT try breeding out of impatience- make sure you are 100% prepared. It's also important to find experienced breeders who are willing to walk you through things. I'd be happy to help, I'm experienced and I love helping people learn about this hobby. My email is if you'd like to contact me. You also need to understand the basics of betta genetics, which I can also help you with.

It's confusing, challenging, expensive and time consuming. However, it's also very rewarding, potentially profitable and teaches you many lessons about patience.
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