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Road Trip with my Betta

Hi there!

In about a month I will be making a 2.5 hour journey with my Betta fish. I've read the Sticky on Betta fish shipping, but is this the best way to go for a journey of this length? I still have the breeders cup he came in, so I was considering using that, but I'll do pretty much whatever is necessary to keep him from stressing out.

Thanks and let me know what thoughts you have!
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Using the cup would be fine for that short of a trip. I will be doing the same with my 4 boys when I return to college this fall (2 hr trip). You could also purchase a 1/2 tank with a lid and fill it halfway just so he has more swimming room. This is what I did when we moved 2000 miles over 4 days in the car. Make sure if you can, place his cup or small tank someone it won't be moved around a ton, maybe inside his empty tank then place towels around what he is in. They don't stress as much being in the dark and will also help keep the tank stable. Hope this helps!
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I recommend getting the aquapal travel aquarium kit,or a kritter keeper.if you are going for a bumpy ride its better to get the aquapal.
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I had to make a 16 hour drive with a betra I bought on vacation I just got one of those incredibly cheap betta keeper things and filled it up about halfway so the water didn't spill too much...and I put it in a giant plastic bag...of corse I left the top open for air...I just kind of set the betta keeper straight down in the bag, constantly making sure that there was room fir air...and I highly recommend the bag because it LEAKED ALOT out the top slits when we went over bumps
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I make a 12 hour drive with mine every 3 months and I have developed a system.
The container I used Rubbermaid Mixermate (pic attached) They have plenty of water volume for the trip and stand upright for only 2-3 bucks. I put them into a cheap Styrofoam cooler to keep the temps from changing to much. the containers arent completely see through and in the dark the bettas dont see each other anyways so overall they arent experiencing to much stress. I normally keep the tops shut on the containers since the amount of air you can keep trapped in the container is way more than it would use on a trip.
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Thanks so much, guys. It sounds like I have a couple of options, then. I'm glad to hear that all of your Bettas have traveled so well. Hopefully our trip will go as smoothly!
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