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Smile where do you sell your newly breeded fish??

Hi, I am just starting out again with a betta fish and i have been reading up alot all across this forum about how to keep my fish happy, how to cure disease, how to breed fish, but whenever anyone gives advice on breeding they just say make sure you know what your going to do with all the fry once they mature. my question to those of you who are breeding, as I am thinking that i want to, what do you do with the matured spawn fish??
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I only breed a good pair so I can easily find homes for them. Usually people offer them in the classifieds section of this website or on a bidding website called
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Don't breed pet store quality VT's (though I personally really like VT's!) or HM's and expect 200 people to line up to get hold of one. Decide what your aims as a breeder are going to be, and buy a nice pair of show quality fish to suit.
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I agree with the above. Unless you're breeding extraordinary fish, you will find very little people interested. A lot of breeders sell on Aquabid but not all fish sell. I've seen fish from the top breeder in the US go without a single bid and we're talking about fish with excellent form and established lines

Something a lot of people don't take in consideration when selling online is how much money it takes to get shipping supplies. You need boxes, insulating material, shipping bags, and heat packs. Yes, you can add the cost to your shipping costs but still you need to have these upfront.

A lot of people, myself included, will rather save up and spend $40 on a GOOD fish than $10 on a mediocre one.

There's very little return in breeding other than the satisfaction of rearing healthy fry. If your intention is to sell then I suggest you check with a local LPS and see if they will buy your stock or at least give you store credit.
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If your going to sell
Helpfully tip
Only sell fish that your willing to buy above $15
Anything else then that
Just give them to friends or cull
Breeding u must hold a stander
N selling u most hold the same stander
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I've sold bettas on Aquabid, but as was said above, you have to have the shipping material before offering any bettas for sale.
I keep the ones I consider the best for future breeding.
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