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10 Gallon with...

I love neon tetras and I am debating on either going all tetras.... about 10 minis only... or going with regular neon tetras about 6 with 1 betta...

Is that overstocking? or would that even be compatible?
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If you are getting a new betta fish, I would not recomend putting the neons in with it until you know for sure the temperment of the betta. Neons are too small to defend themselves against a betta, even really small bettas and they are very capable at getting into small crevices the neon may escape to. It would be better if your neons were adults, even then it is questionable. Maybe try a barrier at first to judge the temperment for a few months.
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Neons do ok but like Udra said, I would check the temprement of the betta first. The biggest problem with neons is they can be prone to fin nipping bettas delicate fins and tail. This isn't always the case in larger groups but it is risky.
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Hmm... I have 8 tetras, 1 betta, suckerfish... I wouldn't worry about the tank being crowed, just make sure the betta and tetra get along. Usually after a couple days of getting along they will be fine.

[Make sure the betta goes in last]
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