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Question Should I get different food??

Hi guys. I just have a quick question. I got Perseus yesterday and I just fed him topfin color enhancing betta bits. What he does is he looks at them puts them in his mouth. Starts chewing but then spits it out and repeats until they're on the ground. Should I get him new food?? does this mean he doesn't like them?

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Hm I just compared that brand's analysis to my omega one pellets and it's not a bad food. Protein is high, you have fish meal as your first ingredients. . . Why won't he eat..
It could be he just isn't hungry. How many "bits" do you feed him and how often?
You could try crushing them, in the reviews someone said the bits were too big. What I would do is fast him for a day , to really make sure he's hungry and feed him these pellets crushed up a bit so he can swallow them.
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Oh okay! And I feed him 2 pellets 3x a day. But I'll fast today to see if that works. Thank you!
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Generally when I first bring a fish home, they do the taking food and spitting it out thing for the first couple of days before they finally eat. Sometimes they even take a little longer if I end up picking one thats a little more stressed and tattered and not in the best health.
I just keep offering them the pellets until they eat, which they always do eventually, and scoop out uneaten food when it looks like they've lost interest in trying to eat it. ;)

As suggested, you could certainly try crushing the pellets to see if that'll help him a little, or just try to pick out smaller pellets if you want...he should eat eventually though ;)
Also, no need for that third feeding....a couple of pellets twice a day is plenty ;)
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Yeah sometimes a new fish will not eat for a couple of days not to worry just offer them to him twice a day and if he doesnt eat them and if they float just remove them. If they seem to big you might try a smaller pellet like New Life Spectrum Betta Formula my Perseus just loves those and they are one of the best food out there for Bettas. I had to order mine from Amazon cause my pet shop didnt carry them, you could call around the check to see who has them in your area if your interested in trying them.
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