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Missing Scales

Hey everyone,

I've had my betta, Roy for about 3 months now. I recently switched him from a 1.5 gallon to an 8 gallon tank. He's been in it for two days now and I started noticing within hours that he got a little white patch under his chin, though it just looks like white scales rather than a fungus. He's always been a very curious fish and tends to bump his head and scrape himself up no matter how Betta-proof I make his tank, but it always heals, so I put some aquarium salt in the tank and left him alone to acclimate and heal.

Just to be sure I took a sample of his water in to get tested yesterday and found that the levels of ammonia were a little high, but nothing out of the ordinary for a new tank that's still cycling. The clerk said it was looking good, and just advised that I put in a few drop of Prime to equalize it, so I did.

HOWEVER, today he has one scale missing off the top of his spine and a patch missing from the side of his back. Again, they still have the outline of scales, and are more coppery (he's red/dark blue), no fuzziness. The only other thing I noted is that the tips of his fins seem to be curling a bit, but not rotting.

Temperature is 80 degrees, he's eating perfectly normally, and behaving normally.

Has anyone run into this issue? My first instinct is that he's beating himself up on some of the decor and I need to work a little harder to make it safer for him (which I'll be doing anyway) or that he's just stressed from being in a new tank. I just want to rule out any diseases though. All input is appreciated, if there's any more info that would help, I'd be happy to offer it up. Unfortunately it's really hard to take a photo, otherwise this would be a lot easier!

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I dunno. Are you sure they're scales?
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