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Sex of baby betta?

So I just got a baby betta from petco today, which I've recently learned isn't exactly the best decision but I'm okay with it as long as I can get it to turn out healthy, which I believe he/she already is... But the only concern I have is I don't exactly know what sex it is... I've looked up all the differences between the two, but since this fish obviously isn't full grown yet, I'm having a hard time figuring it out. I'll try to give you details on it as best as possible and see what you think... If there's anything else I should mention that I forget let me know.

It's anal fins come fairly close to touching it's caudal fin, however there is a very small gap between the two. It's pelvis fins hang below it's anal fins, relatively speaking to it's size. A habit of a female is going into a head down posture while flaring, correct? I don't believe mine does that, although I'm not 110% positive. The majority of the fish is a somewhat bright, deep blue with a little bit of silver/gray on it's belly... It's gotten a little deeper blue since I first brought it home... It flares at his reflection in the glass sometimes... I know this is definitely a habit of males, but I'm not sure if females flare at each other?

Hope this helps you help me! Any answers are much appreciated!

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Hi, I am not sure your description, though helpful as it is, will be enough. Could you possibly get pictures? I know its hard to get pictures of one so small but any clear picture you can get will help.
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If its a baby, it's going to be too hard to find out. When it grows a bit more we'll find out. :)
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I'll try to get pictures for you guys. It's a little hard to see into the bowl though... Not because the water's foggy, but because the curves of the bowl just bend the light so much... Maybe I'll take him out of the 2 gallon bowl and put him in the smaller one I have just for a picture because it's easier to see in the other one. I have a feeling it just might be a female, because I've heard that the baby bettas at petco are usually females, just so they can sell more females... Although his/her color is also so bright, but I don't know lol. Obviously I hope it's a male for obvious reasons

I'll try to get a picture of him flaring as well, he/she seems to every time I come up really close to the bowl... It's so timid and hesitant with me, poor guy must've gotten spooked while at the pet store and isn't so trustworthy anymore :(

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