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Tank Mates For My Bettas

Since I am getting a 10 gallon since my poor Betta got finrot, he's been doing better after you guys suggested. But for now, he'll be staying a healing tank.

My other Betta Ren, a Red crown-tail who lives with my blue Betta [Divided] will be living in the ten gallon tank. I am looking to start a community tank since I don't want to get a huge 10 gallon tank with one fish in it, my mom will probably get annoyed of how much space it takes up for one fish.

At the moment, I only trust Neon Tetras but people are saying male Bettas will be to aggressive for them and will kill them. Some people say they'll nip at my Betta's fins since they are fin nippers.

So what type of tank mates do you recommend?

I don't want Dwarf frogs, and what people say "Angelfish" I have had Angelfish in the past, they have long fins & are aggressive so obviously they wont be great tank mates.
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In the past, I've housed a male OHM betta (Gabe) with female guppies no problem. He was the most gentlemanly betta I've known. Never bothered the females. I used to call them his 'harem" as kind of a ironic joke.

Honestly, it all depends on what personality your fish has. Obviously, certain tail types contribute to certain personality traits, but that is not always the case. I think that crowntails tend to be more aggressive than say, halfmoons or OHMs, but each fish has their own level of aggression.

A good way, and good method I've learned, is to introduce a betta to a new tank mate AFTER the new tank mate has been in the tank for a few days. That obviously means taking the betta out so that the new tank mates can settle in and establish territories. This will make the betta think he is not in his territory and won't act as aggressive.

This may or may not work with your betta, so be very observant of the tank after the introduction to see if any flaring, chasing, fin nipping etc. on the betta's part happens. If there is any of these actions, remove the betta from the tank. These behavioral signs mean that the betta is obviously not meant to be in a community tank.
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